I don’t get it!

As I’ve confessed in the past, I drive alot. Because I drive alot I am aware of many different roads that usually get me to where I want to go. If a particular freeway is backed up I can take what the radio traffic announcers call ‘an alternate route’. I’m sure this drives my sweet husband crazy when he is riding with me,I like to take the alternate route even when it’s not necessary. Some times my short cuts are not short at all, it’s a sight seeing trip. In my many travels I see a lot of things and when the top is down on the car I hear and smell many things and that is not always good.

Just last week when I was driving a very direct route home from Portland I had the top down on the car. I could smell everything within nose range, diesel, french fries, tire rubber, cigarettes, mmm ICK! It was a very hot day and traffic was quite miserable. In fact what is usually a 3 hour drive was somehow extended into a 5 hour drive. Boy don’t you know that was fun. As I was plodding along in traffic a very large rig was in the lane to the right of me and about even with the back quarter panel. I have the radio on listen to what I can’t recall when I hear a deep male voice….”Hey, are you hot?” I knew he was addressing me because everyone else around me had their windows up with the AC cranked. I didn’t even bother to look, I just nodded my head and kept my eyes on the road because you never know when traffic at 4 miles an hour might suddenly take off to 60 miles an hour. I then pondered what he said and started laughing because it wasn’t too long ago that that phrase would have been something like, “Hey you’re hot”. CRAP! I didn’t think I looked that haggard. I thinks it’s important to be able to laugh at ones self, yeah thats it!

I drive this one particular stretch of road that parallels Interstate 5 just south of Seattle. It is called Airport Way, which if you are paying attention will take you right to an airport…neat huh? When I drive on Airport Way I drive by a business for roofing I think, that seems to think that a man dressed in a bunny suit holding a sign will make me want to screech to a halt, throw the car in reverse, scream into the parking lot, jump out of the car and go into by a new roof. But no that is not how I feel. That advertising does not work on me. Neither do giant inflated Gorillas perched on the cellular store make me want to upgrade my service.
And those tall thingys with the big wavy arms, will not entice me to make a trade in on my beloved convertible with no money down. In fact those attempts at clever advertising only make me wonder about their business. And then again it makes be wonder about the people that go to businesses with those inflatable attention getter’s. I guess it’s just that, it got my attention but it didn’t get my money. I well keep that for myself and a different sort of inflation.

6 thoughts on “I don’t get it!

  1. You’re still hot. 🙂

    Those air filled long-armed floppy thingies scare the beegeezus out of me. I hate them. And that gorilla is terrifying. I would stay off that road.

  2. The gorilla with the duck??? That is just wrong. When we were kids, I always wanted a baloon from the car lots. What doesn’t make sense to me is the free hot dogs, pop, and ice cream at the furniture store. They won’t let you in if you are carrying that around…what are they thinking?

  3. I don’t much often see gigantic inflatables so I’m figuring that they haven’t caught on or they’re just plain illegal to put up. The only one so far is this huge golden bunny that they always put up for Easter. “They” being the Lindt company. It always makes me squeal with delight. ;-D

  4. I always liked the animated washer woman on top of the laundry mat in Boise, but your right I never once stopped to wash my Skivvys.

  5. That is such a problem, when men have to ask you if they are giving you a compliment…

    Nope, the infatable child dolls do nothing with the urge to open my wallet and scream, ‘debt come get me!’

  6. I’m with you on not being swayed to stop and buy because of an inflatable gimmick. In fact, I can’t say that ANY advertising lures me in for anything.

    But for some reason I still think those tall balloon guys are kind of cheerful and fun to look at!

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