Happy Friday!

The following is an actual conversation.

“Hey our insurance company has a new logo”, I say to Sweet Husband as I walk back into the house from the mail box.

“What’s that,” says he.

Pemco*, We’re a lot like you”, my swift answer as I read it from the very informative letter.
*Not intended as an endorsement and NO I wasn’t paid either.

“What, overweight and middle aged?”, his even swifter retort. bahhahahahhhahhhaaa

Happy Friday! Much more later, it’s been a busy fun filled week. If by fun I mean travelling several thousands of miles and getting lost in Chicago, yes fun!

4 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. If you are anywhere near the Drake Hotel downtown, please go check out their public bathrooms. I hope they are just as charming as when I saw them lo these many years ago.

  2. So are we going to hear about Chicago? Overweight and middle age? I don’t think so, you must be talking about the older couple down the street.

  3. I clicked on the Wishiwashi house, very nice! Italianate Japanese? Terrible location, should be on Southern Oregon Coast for goodness sakes!!

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