Dinner and a Movie Review

Tonight after a hard day of working in and around the house, I opted to make dinner. Sweet Husband is usually the head cook and I’m a good helper and great eater. But I was feeling in a food mood so I baked a couple of fresh from our garden rhubarb pies and then we made Chicken Piccata. I have a line of pasta that I represent for work and I had some new samples of a fresh organic linguine so that was the perfect start. I found a recipe courtesty of The Food Network and viola’, a short time later dinner was on the table. Sweet Husband was my great helper tonight, we’re such a team. We needed music to match our dinner so Sweet Husband put on the sound track to BIG NIGHT. This movie has become one of my favorites. In fact we were talking while eating and listening and I mentioned that I should call Alien (my sister Ellen) and tell her about this movie. Sweet Husband suggested that I blog about it, he’s so clever, so here I am. I think Ellen and Leo would appreciate this film on many levels. First they love to eat good food, they love good movies and they LOVE Italy. So there you have it, what’s not to like. There are a host of great actors in this film Stanley Tucci, Minnie Driver,Tony Shalhoub,and Isabella Rossellini. Go to the link, check it out and report back to me what you think of this ‘under the radar’ sorta movie. Oh and dinner was a pretty dang good too. Pie will have to wait until tomorrow, I’m stuffed.!

6 thoughts on “Dinner and a Movie Review

  1. That dinner sounds amazing! And I think I will have to check out that movie too, sounds right up my alley. Even if it has the walking dead Marc Anthony in it. The rest of the wonderful cast should distract me from him.

  2. I love anything piccata, especially veal with lemon and capers and MOST especially if someone cooks it for me. God meant for me to be a very good audience.

  3. I think that I have givien up the idea of cooking. Poor Rocky, I like to watch cooking on tv, I just can’t get excited about it. Maybe if I didn’t think I needed to cook for 12 people at a time. Hard to downsize.

  4. uM, IF (and it’s a mighty big if) you are using any of Mom’s recipes just divide by FOUR. That should help.Oh and the Bertolli frozen Italian dinners be terrific and I can cook them in under 10 minutes start to finish. Yowza!

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