That long already? Who knew!

Well I certainly surprised myself when I saw that it’s been since last Saturday that I’ve written in my blog. It seems just like yesterday that I was lamenting dinner with ya’ll. More than anything I think the posted picture speaks volumns of how I am feeling right now.

You see after what seems a a life time of other people prolonging decisions, I am starting a new job on October 1st. This has been a long, but not necessarily painful process. I will be doing the same thing, representing product lines to grocery stores, but for a different company. I will have new lines that I will become familiar with, so that will be fun and exciting.

If you ever go to my flickr pictures you will see a few shots of a really cool house. And if you recall a few posts back I had been in Chicago. Well I saw this house while I was back east. because I was interviewing for a job in Northeastern Indiana. The interviews went really good and I was offered a position, but I didn’t take it. If the timeing had been just a few months down the road it would possibly work. In the meantime a local company had approached me and VIOLA! I accepted with them. Why yes, I am a hot commidity. har har har

Yeah, I know I’ve been busy, plus all of that I’ve still maintained my regular work schedule. So with all of that said the next few months will be VERY busy, but I’m not allergic to busy, I do it quite well. On the plus side, I won’t have to travel to Portland as much, but I will be making shorter more frequent local trips. That’s all I have for right now, I’m going to go wake up Sweet Step Daughter so we can go out to breakfast. Happy Saturday!

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