New job week 1

I’m not quite sure even where to begin, but I’ve had a lot of blog fodder lately, but no time until right now to share with you, so let’s proceed. As you may recall, in one of my not-quite-as-regular-posts-as-I’d-like, I mentioned that I was the receiver of a new job. In my industry that means that someone else is paying me to do the same thing that I was doing before…with more interest in ME and what I can contribute to their company!

Technically I started this new job Oct 1, but I worked a food show the prior week with them. At this food show I saw alot of people in the industry that had heard the news and without exception everyone was pleased with my move. It is so nice to be appreciated,finally! I had my choice of days I could start and I picked Oct 1. I hit the ground running. I left home at 6:30am for a 10am meeting that lasted until 3pm, and then had a 2 hour drive back home. The rest of the week was taken up with various meetings up until Thursday which was another food show, some appointments and a 2 and a half hour drive to a weekend retreat.

The reason I opted to start on Oct 1 was because our company was taking one of our distributors sales people on a weekend retreat. I’ve known many of these people for the past few years, but have never gotten to have this sort of face time with them. The cool thing…our spouses were invited too. So we land at the Sleeping Lady Mountain retreat center in Leavenworth Washington just in time for dinner on Thursday night. The place is beyond awesome. I loved it, check out the website. Thursday night we finished up the prep work for the sales meeting for the next day and called it a had been a really long day. We actually stayed in a hotel in town but the remainder of our stay was at the Sleeping Lady. All day Friday was a round robin of sales training followed by a hospitality hour, dinner and then copious amounts of drinking by several of the participants. I had a toddy or two but at no time did I misbehave or flash anyone…..really! The next morning after breakfast some people were headed out to golf and the rest of us were split into teams to participate in a scavenger hunt. We were to drive into Leavenworth find ten or so objects have our picture taken with a digital camera and then turn in our camera to the judging team. The ultimate team building exercise…and workout.

Let me tell you a little bit about Leavenworth Washington. It is a little Bavarian town in the East Cascade mountains. The place is absolutely picturesque, with lots of tourists and lots of shops. It gets crowded, especially when it is Oktoberfest, which coincides with right now. There are some cool things to find and when there aren’t a million and a half people to push out of the way, a guy could actually win a scavenger hunt. Our team was awesome, we ran our fat little tails all over town to point at the green frog, lean on the golf guy, wave at the mountain climber, buy some taffy, surround the carved bear,and then turn our camera in before the other teams…we came in second by 2 minutes. It was agonizing because they got to split $1200 amongst their 5 team members. It was a lot of fun, we hashed it over and over and over and over, and laughed each time. But the best part was when the winning team paid our way into the Oktoberfest beer gardens and we listened to polka music all night. Beer drinking, the ultimate team bonding exercise.

Oktoberfest is obviously a big deal in Leavenworth. There are lot of German families, lots of polka music and beer, um and LOTS of tourists. Did I mention the lederhosen, yes there were many men wearing this attire and they were so cute. We were actually smart enough to ride the shuttle to town so there was NO drinking and driving on our part.

Upon arriving in the beer tent the strains of the accordian is heard above the din of the crowd. This place is packed….it’s hot, it’s loud and it’s total fun! We head toward the beer, grab a glass (translate plastic recycleable cup) just in time to participate in the chicken dance.

My sweet husband said that he met more people in this last week than he ever met in my last job. What do you say about that? Pretty cool huh? Somebody was having a good time.

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