It’s vacation bizness time!

As you can see from my last post I have been very busy. So with that said I’m going to leave for a week and head off toward Hawaii. I’ve earned this vacation! Don’t forget, it won’t do you any good to come rob my house, we have housesitters, BIG MEAN HOUSESITTERS!!! Plus we have cats, that won’t tolerate any tomfoolery. On top of that, there is the neighborhood watch, a guy can’t be too protected.
Aloha Baby!

8 thoughts on “It’s vacation bizness time!

  1. GASP! Hawaii??!! *sob* I recently read on a travel mag here that there are flights to the islands (from Italy) for only 861 euros on KLM airlines. That’s cheap, but of course on off season dates. Arghgh!

    Have fun! Wish I could go back home this season.:-(

  2. yeah get lei-ed. Bring back some Macadamia nuts and pictures of you and Mitch on the beach. Get some rest and stay away from grocery stores. Aloha nui nui!

  3. How does that work? You just started a new job a few days ago and you’re already taking a vacation to Hawaii? That’s one heck of a benefits package you got there!

    Have fun. Hope you get leid! (ha ha)

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