We’re Baaaaack!!!!

I’m not even sure where to start….The little tiny words I’m going to use to describe our excursion to Hawaii will not do the trip justice, suffice it to say we had a great time. I have to tell you I had two fears about going to Hawaii, the first that I would feel so isolated that I would start to panic and the other being that I would love it so much that I wouldn’t want to leave. Guess which fear ruled! Yep, I did not want to leave. I’ve already started looking at real estate…don’t you think Maui would be a great location for a bed and breakfast or event facility….I’m sure we would never lack for guests…right?

The last time that we took time off was to work on the kitchen remodel, granted it was hot and we sweated a lot but it wasn’t just because the weather was awesome, we worked hard. We did take a four day stint this time last year to Vegas with our neighbors, but we haven’t really taken a vacation since our trip to Colorado about 5 years ago. I know, boo fuckin hoo! Granted we get to travel alot for my job, but folks it’s just not the same. I have to work, Sweet Husband gets to play. So when we decided that we wanted a “real” vacation, Hawaii was the conscious choice and we used those racked up air miles to go. We opted for Maui, found a condo, rented a convertible, packed way too much stuff and left. For future reference here’s the quick lisk of what to take, toothbrush, comb, flip flops, swimsuit,beach dress, shorts, sun screen and sun glasses. That’s a carry on bag dude! Just wash your duds overnight and you’re good to go the next day.

When we arrived in Maui, I know that I must have looked like some slack jaw hick that had never been out of the state. We don’t have a lot of palm trees in Washington state and they grow like weeds in Hawaii and I like the various flora so yes I stared. The weather was warm, with just a touch of humidity, another thing we don’t have in the state of WA, and we had lots of clothes on. It was cold when we left and we brought our coats so that when we drove the 2 hours to Haleakala to view the sunrise from the top of a Volcano, we would be properly dressed. We got our rental car, made our way out on to the two lane highway and head toward the condo in Kihei, home of Pupu’s, Mumu’s and Lulu’s. Before we go any further I’d like to say that in spite of a full week of eating,drinking,drinking,eating and drinking I didn’t gain any weight. I did however decide that weight watchers is in my extreme near future.

We watched the sunrise from the beach almost every morning and did a lot of walking. Not once did I run, there was so reason, I was on island time. I have posted for your pleasure/boredom about a jillion pictures on my flickr website. Check it out, you might be surprised by what you see, oddly enough this set is labeled ‘Hawaii vacation’. I’m gonna skip ahead in the trip and tell you a little bit about Lahaina.

We left our condo two days early, because frankly I couldn’t take any more bed bugs so we switched to a little hotel in Lahaina. It’s the Pioneer Inn located on front street across from a HUGE Banyan tree. About sunset the first night we were in this room we heard alot of birds and went out to the lanai to check out the ruckus. Come to find out that the mynahs birds come to roost in this particular Banyan tree, by the thousands. They squawk and talk and make the wildest noises. In the morning when they all leave for the day they spend the first 45 minutes or so sending each other off with very loud chattering, singing and squawking. It’s the damndest thing. Take a peek at this very short video that we took from our balcony…turn up the volume.

9 thoughts on “We’re Baaaaack!!!!

  1. You’re back! I’m hyperventilating, on the edge of breaking down into tears, afraid of clicking on your flickr link because…then for certain I’ll drown in a lake of my own waaaaaaaaaahs!

    Great that you went to Haleakala (I haven’t even been!) but {giggles} to your experience with the mynahs. Legend has it that they are reincarnations of hawaiian warriors — try running them over on the road; yakkers are pretty speedy, and seem as if they’re laughing at you as you whiz by.

  2. Hooray, you swam back!!! Everytime one of my friends goes to Hawaii they don’t want to come back. I am always surprised when they drag back in. As for weight watchers, I love you just the way you are. As I have been bad and restricted to screen time I will make frequent visits to see yer pictures. I missed you guys and can hardly wait to chat at ya.
    big smooch!!!

  3. Very nice. I’m glad you guys had a good time. You deserve it. As for me, I can only dream of going to Hawaii at this time. But in only 8 more years…!

    BTW, I whole-heartedly support your idea of buying a B&B in Hawaii. Especially if you’ll be taking in retired (and probably poor) bloggers from MN as your honored guests.
    (wink wink)

  4. Oh yeah, I’d like to make my reservation NOW, please. I plan on staying for quite a while. I would even put up with the 5 hour flight from here to there. Welcome back!!!

  5. Viewed most of the pictures at the Flicker site, very nice. So you very white people mostly burned and peeled? Keep working I know we can tan, it just takes time and much exposure of skin…er…cancel that get the spray on tan and avoid malignant melanoma. Love,me.

  6. The pictures are gorgeous! I’m thrilled that you and Mitch got to make this trip.

    Mostly because I’m living vicariously through you. I hope it doesn’t feel creepy.

  7. I want to go! Glad you had a wonderful time! And those pictures are gorgeous. But I am a bit confused about the bedbugs. There were bugs in your bed? No bugs for me!! So I don’t blame you for leaving there.

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