I don’t get them!

During the flight to Hawaii I was thumbing through a copy of some island specific magazine and I ran across an ad for this very pretty necklace that you see right here. I though that it would make a nice little memento of my first trip so I showed it to my very Sweet Husband. I didn’t say anything to him as I showed it to him, and out of his mouth came this, “I can’t think of anything more useless”. POP!!! went the bubble around my heart, and that was even before he saw the price tag. Oh well that was really only fitting regarding his thoughts on jewelry in general. I’ve summed it up this way. ‘My husband doesn’t GET jewelry, therefore neither do I”. I did manage to get a wedding ring a few years ago. Oh, I also bought some little flig flop earrings for way less than the listed price here. Girls, if you like it, just get it yourself…

7 thoughts on “I don’t get them!

  1. Yes, I agree that it is much better to just pick up those darling things you love yourself. Because if he picks it out and you hate it? ew

    I actually have a co-workers kid who is doing one of those little fund raiser catalog things, they have mini flip flops that attach to your phone, cute but weird looking.

    And oh yeah, Don’t shop on an airplane, just walk away….

  2. Okay I am not Wilma Flinstone with the big rocks (Ellen). But for years I did not get jewelry. I think I got my engagement/wedding ring something like 4 years after the fact. If I wanted something I pointed it out and Rocky would get it. Ummm but the payments sucked. I am all diamonded up as it were and although I would like a tiara. I am afraid my lack of regal baring would not let me carry it off. Besides I already promised you my bracelet as soon as I am finished with it. What are sisters for? And remember guilt is a lovely tool, use it carefully.

  3. Useless has nothing to do with jewelery it has to do with being thoughtful. I know that your very sweet husband is thoughtful, but I am sure that there are gifts or purchases that you may have made that you could label as “useless”.

  4. Carla, I think the key word should be “POOP”, not “POP”. I always say if you want something bad enought get it yourself…..

  5. I have seen those necklaces in catelogs and around the city (there are some Hawaiian stores Downtown) they are cute so you should get one. I learned long ago I need to tell my husband what I specifically want. He is usally pretty good at picking out the correct thing. I am lucky and usually get something sparkly three times a year, anniversary, birthday and Christmas.

  6. The problem here is, when you tell sweet husband that you want thongs with diamonds, he certainly isn’t thinking about the kind that go on your FEET.

  7. Oh BOO! And to think that the first thought I had when I saw the pic was….”Hey! That’s just like the one that I have!!”

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