Good intentions

(just inside the front door)

When I started this blog thing a while back, it was my goal to post every day. I’m lucky if I can post every week. I have goofy stories that I want to share but after sitting at a computer answering emails and creating documents all day, pretty much the last thing I want to do is type. On my weekdays, I hit the ground running, like most of you do. I have to say I love the new commute though, I have no complaints, get out of bed, shower, dress, go to the west wing, sit at desk, turn on computer, viola, I’m at work. Oh yes, and make coffee and hand out kitty treats, can’t forget those important morning rituals. Although I haven’t found a kitty treat that goes well with coffee….any suggestions?

So yes, I’ve been a blog-slacker. I’m here now though. But I do have a few random things you might get a grin out of.

Actual conversation, in which I have to say in my defense I was REAL tired.

Friday evening at the Video Store

“We could get Fantastic 4″, I say to Sweet Husband, who responded by saying, ” We didn’t really like Fantastic 1″

Me from a glazed and dazed thought process, “I don’t even remember Fantastic 2 and 3, what happened in them?”. To Sweet Husbands credit, he thought I was making a funny, um I wasn’t. I was truly confused. oy! But we did laugh….alot!

Here’s a holiday update. We had about 30 kids begging for candy the other night, it was even day appropriate. This number was way down from years past, for whatever reason. Must have been the lack of rain this Halloween. The strobe lights were a hit, along with the dangling spiders and webs. This year we grew our own punkins and turned them into Jack-o-lanterns. Our plant only produced three pumpkins, so how cool is that? We only needed 3 of the lil beggars, a tall, a grande and a venti and that’s what we got. We also roasted the pumpkins seeds and have been munching on those all week. Very fun, we’ve done this event every year since I met Sweet Husband and daughter. I don’t recall ever carving pumpkins when I was a kid, maybe I slept through it. But I do remember trick-or-treating, that was always fun. I guess I wasn’t totally deprived.

6 thoughts on “Good intentions

  1. Hmmm I don’t remember carving pumpkins as a kid but I do remember being allowed to actually go trick or treating, I think our costumes, if any,were fairly crude and the majority of the candy would promptly disappear only to be found after a serious in depth search of the kitchen.

    Yer punkins look very nice!

  2. You post when you want to post, we will be here!

    Now I am sad. I didn’t get to carve a pumpkin this year. I waited to get them until October 30th and three different places were sold out so I lost interest. And since we didn’t carve any pumpkins that means no pumpkin seeds, which I love!

    I am sad.

  3. Don’t feel too bad about the posting thing. I wanted to participate in NaBloPoMo this year but…even as a stay-at-home wife I still can’t find time to post something fresh everyday.

    Those pumpkins are HUGE!

  4. Wow, those ARE nice pumpkins. We waited too long (uh, Halloween day to be exact) and ended up with some pretty sorry looking ones from the grocery store.

    Hmmm, any movie with Jessica Alba in it is “fantastic” by me.

    D’oh – did I just say that or think that?

  5. I absolutely love the skull. I didn’t get to carve pumpkins nor did I get to trick-or-treat as a child. Poor deprived little Baptist that I was.

    Fantastic 4. That’s funny stuff.

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