9 thoughts on “On your mark, get ready…

  1. Heck I just realized Thanksgiving is NEXT week! My favorite Thanksgiving was getting to visit the family with you lived in Susanville, CA. I rode with Paul and Elaine Philiber who kindly took me there for the holidays. Richard and I tussled over the last piece of Pumpkin pie, it went on the floor but we ate it anyway.
    I think I was all of 15 or 16 and proudly offered to drive for a bit to Paul. He thanked me but declined. Probably burst a gut keeping that laugh inside.

  2. I remember living there. I liked the house. It was 2 story and had grates on the floor in the bedroom directly over the kitchen. We would listen to everyone while we fell asleep.

  3. It was actually Westwood, a few miles up the road from Susanville. The things I remember the most, is the eye doctor was named Elephant or something that sounded like it. The trivial things one remembers as a child.

  4. That and watching the funeral of Kennedy in the darkened livingroom. I am starting to remember lots of stuff, more good now – thanks carlotidah!

  5. Oh yeah, I remember that one well. But come on – horrible Christmas music before Thanksgiving?

    I swear the holidays are coming earlier every year.

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