Still pretty!

It is such a gorgeous sunrise this morning I just had to take a photo and share with you. Yes it’s still pretty here, in spite of me slanting toward more tropical settings.

I haven’t written anything about the cats for while but they are still here. In fact I bet you wish your cats were freaks like mine. The oldest cat, who is 17 years old and should be off to college soon but is WAY to needy, thinks that any time I look like I might sit down is an opportunity to reign from my lap. If my lap is busy she ascends toward the booby area. One time the booby area was propping up a book so said kitty ascended to my shoulder. On any given day that can’t be comfortable, but I wanted so see just how far she would go. Granted she is a tinkin little thing at all of 4 pounds,and she doesn’t take up a lot of room, but enough’s enough. I think she would have tettered on my head if I hadn’t stopped the progress.

Our friends who house sit for us when we travel, have a cat that flips them off if they come in the house, so they love to come sit our kitties and get some kitty lovin, cuz they sure don’t get it at home. On occasion they have us come feed CJ, and those green laser eyes scare the crap out of me and she hisses at Sweet Husband because this cat doesn’t like men. I don’t think it has to do with the fact CJ has two mommies, cuz they like my Sweet Husband.

The other cat that we have weighs almost 20 pounds now and is a freak in her own right. She is very smart and will offer her paw and even did a high five the other night, but she has a staring problem. This kitty sleeps with me at the upper corner of the bed and often times in the middle of the night I will wake up because I sense someone or something staring at me, oh hi kitty. She will just watch me sleep like some creepy clown doll that scares the bejesus out of me. I usually just push her over and tell her to go back to sleep, she starts to purr and everything is alright with the world. This is the cat that has to touch me in some way when she sleeps. So lucky for her I am comfortable sleeping with my arm streched out so she can rest her head in my palm. I bet that’s a great picture. She used to sleep on my chest when she was smaller, but now I think she would crush my chest.

Off to work now, have a great Wednesday!!!

5 thoughts on “Still pretty!

  1. It’s a lovely soft morning here in Coquille, tropical thoughts or not. Our cats, All damn FIVE of them, have learned to avoid me at all costs because I DO NOT FEED THEM. Husband is trying to get the fat ones to reduce and the skinny ones to eat. Good luck with that!

  2. On a different note. The light finally dawned on me at neice’s new blog spot. I clicked on blog#1000 and got to her comments! Yah! I was typing and tried to enter blogger name and password and the darn thing went into a spin cycle, kept flashing the original comment spot to me so I had to resort to shift, alt, delete to get the damn thing to stop.

  3. My cat is yelling at me. Doesn’t matter what time I come in, it is the time to eat. I think it would die if it had to depend on Rocky to feed him. The cat gets can o’goop and it makes Rocky nauseous.

  4. I love kitty posts!! Your bigger kitty sounds just like my Portia who has to be on my pillow when I sleep. She is the most loving cat I have ever met. And Nerissa is just like your little one. When she deems it her time to sit on you she has to be up on your chest, which works great with me since I have a shelf for her, but my husband? Not so much so he ends up leaning back so she doesn’t slide down.

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