Trival Pursuit

When you go to Vegas and if you want a portable drink and keepable glass, the cool drink to have is one that is from the Paris. This container of slurpiness is a 12in or so high glass with a removable top and a place for straw filled with drinky delights, much like the picture you see here. In fact it is the picture you see here. Cool you ask? Why cool? Well because I say so that’s why. You can journey the streets of Las Vegas and you will not find one ‘Paris’ drink container with the copper ribbon tied around it’s belly. This beautiful copper ribbon is a precious remnant from the matrimonial ceremony of Sweet Husband and myself, nigh upon almost 7years ago. One of us tied this ribbon, from our reception, around the container when we came back from our honeymoon to Vegas. It is a lovely memento of the trip and it now houses the matches that we never use from all the places that we have visited during our marriage.

With our last trip, being to Hawaii, we decided that is was time to upgrade in the memento department. We like looking for the places to get squished pennies for my sister and the Harley T-shirts for her husband, and we will continue to get those, but we now want to decorate our house with our travel doo-dahs. With that said, Sweet Husband and I scoured Lahainia and Maui for “just the right thing”. The first shop that we wandered into was an import shop with neato things from Thailand and points Asian, not Hawaiian I would like to point out. We LOVED a koa wood carving of a group of koi as seen from above, but we couldn’t figure out how to get a 5 foot,100pound piece of wood on the airplane without having to buy another ticket home. Thank goodness they shipped…..for a fee or your first born. We like our first born so we moved on…

We went into all the cheesy ‘galleries’ and saw all sorts of stuff from kittens surfing to things made from charcoal that we couldn’t decipher what it was and moved on some more. When we came to the Lahaiha Court house we found something that we would finally want to hang in our home. The old Lahaina Court House is now an art gallery from many local artists. We found a great one and now I present “Canoes at Mama’s” by Anne Wertheim. It is now proudly hangina in our “west wing”. Aloha, it captures many of the things we loved about Hawaii.

3 thoughts on “Trival Pursuit

  1. I always love finding cool momentoes from great trips so I can always remember those good times. That picture is great! Oh and if anyone wants that Paris glass I can get them for you! Funny is, I live in Vegas and don’t have one myself. Guess they are more a touristy thing. But it would be a cool momento. I like the balloon.

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