Low and inside

As I’ve mentioned a few times, we don’t watch a lot of TV. When the cooler rainier months approach we do find ourselves muting more commericals than usual, but for the most part the TV is not on alot. However the other day when Sweet Daughter was here she was watching Miami Ink a ‘reality’ show about a tattoo parlor. I’ve seen this show advertised but never gave it a second glance, until the other day. And besides who am I to turn my back on ‘the learning channel’?

We sat down with her and started watching the show, then the next, and the next. These are hour long shows and there was a marathon on. Pretty soon we look up and Sweet Daughter has moved on to something else and here we are sitting in the living room watching the here’s and whys of people getting their various tattoos. I even found myself tearing up(as in crying not wreaking havoc) a couple of times when the tattoo recipient would go on and on about the memorial tattoo they wanted and it was actually quite touching. One particular young girl was getting a tattoo of two roses entwined with a banner that said, “Friends forever”. Her best friend had been killed in a car wreck and they both loved roses, so this was her way of not forgetting her best friend. We, I say we, I don’t really know if Sweet Husband was touched or not, but we were touched by the emotion that went into the tattoo thought process.

Another thing that was fascinating were the tattoo artists themselves. Someone would come in with a concept and these guys would say ‘give me a couple of hours’. They would then put pencil to paper and more often than not, they would come up with the perfect rendition of the concept the tattoo recepient wanted. Sometimes the people just wanted something cheesy, like the silhouette of the busty girl that we’ve all seen on the mudflaps of big trucks, but with wings, like an angel. mmm nice. That my friends is another level of classiness, that I can’t quite phatom.

Sweet husband asked us what sort of tattoos we would get to memoralize him if he met with an untimely death. Sweet Daughter didn’t even hesitate, “It would have to be an Xbox controller” But as you can see someone beat her to it, but in a different format.

I think that if I were to get a tattoo that meant something to me, other than one of my sweet husband, daughter or the cats, it would be like this, cuz I never met one I didn’t like.

11 thoughts on “Low and inside

  1. Tatoos; following story is absolutely true. WHile working in Barrow, a discussion was held on the best place to have a tatoo on your body. One nurse was of the opinion that she would choose her left ankle because if she got right heart failure the edema would not distort the picture…dead silence. A second nurse said that she wanted a rosebut tatooed on her breast…brief silence and then some cracked,”yeah, but you would have a long stemmed rose in about 15 years”.

  2. Tattoo’s everybody needs one, and any place is good as long as the owner can see it. Why get a tattoo if you have to use a mirror to look at it?

  3. I have always wanted to watch that show but wasn’t sure if it was good. Now I will have to check it out.

    I have one tattoo that made perfect sense at the time. Now it does not. That is the problem with tattoos. What you get when you are younger doesn’t always work out when you get older. My husband wants me to get another because he wants another and I said he can only get one when I get another. Since I am never getting another I don’t have to worry about him getting one. He has three, that is enough. Funny I don’t even notice them any more.

  4. I would get another one. In fact, I have one in mind. I have been thinking about getting a tiara, a small one in the chest area. Which will piss Rocky off, because he hasn’t gotten one since I acquired my 3. I think he has 7, he tells me he should have 9 as I have taken his last 2.

  5. Oh, Carla, your tattoo idea made me laugh.

    I have two tattos and I don’t even think about them anymore. Well, at least not until someone mentions a tattoo. And I’m not sorry I got either one.

    Tattoo sounds funny after you say it a few times.

  6. I also thought about getting a tattoo of a slinky on my boob or thigh, that way when gravity takes over big time, my tattoo would still look, ur um good I guess.

  7. Hey there,

    Sorry it so long to reply I had some internet issues. It was great to hear from you and it has been forever since we last saw each other. Hope all is well. As far as tatoos go, I have five and am drawing my sixth and seventh. I think the act of getting something you truly believe permanently placed on your body is a release like no other. The pain that comes with the art is what I am talking about. Concentrating so hard on the pain that other worries and strifes disappear.


  8. I guess I could get a Fat Tire label…

    But the left shoulder is reserved for a jester’s brother… I’m designing a circus clown that shares some of his style…

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