Lovin the Google

I’ve read other bloggers posts about the weird ways that readers find their sight and never knew how they tracked it. Well I knew, I just didn’t really have the time to care. So now I share, because I care. The following are the google searches that have directed visitors to my humble little blog, to where they think they might get answers to their queries. Nope not even close.

“government cover up” I think they must be looking for Army coats or the ever famous P-coat or perhaps the stylish Eisenhower jacket.

“how to get better teeth” Yes because this is an all things dental blog, and if you’ve been reading this blog for more than 11 minutes you know who much I ‘love’ going to the dentist. Tomorrow I’m going to blog about my first ever root canal….shit! I’m not kidding I really have to have a root canal tomorrow, shit again!

“hamburger machines” I have never endorsed George Foreman in any way shape or form. And now within minutes someone in Wendover will google George Foreman hamburger machine and they will get a link to me….ha ha!

“turkey turkey turkey blah blah blah” This one makes perfect sense.

“Just about anything” um scratching my head on that one too. However I do write just about anything, so there you have it.

“Abstentia” which isn’t a real word at all, but if you spell absentia wrong there are 665 links to where the word is spelled wrong, one of my posts included. Yes, please use the little spell check button at the top, dur!

big stomach fibriods” remember the picture? hmmmm? It’s been over a year now since that piece of me was charred in the medical waste incinerator. The stomach however still remains NOT flat.

“mother in law and baby” My people call her grandma.

“Leavenworth scavenger hunt” Things to do once you get out of prison or a sweet Bavarian town.

Well that’s it, no references to illicit sexual affairs, no drunken innuendos, no girls gone wild searches, I am amazingly clean or boring. Then on the other hand I don’t have any freaks stalking me, that I know of.

10 thoughts on “Lovin the Google

  1. Google is quite something else. The stupidest one I ever got was “having sex in rubber slippers”.

    Weirdos! Don’t they know it’s much sexier to wear CFM shoes (doesn’t matter if it’s the female, male or she-male).

  2. wow, no freaks? Did you know that posts in the comments sections can drive searches to your site?

    Things like ‘celebrity penile implants’ or ‘George Clooney sex clones’, will bring them like ‘lemmings on crack’.

  3. Dennis is right.

    I get ‘scrotum padlock’ and ‘swine mating video’ searches all the time.

    Now maybe you can, too.

    Just trying to help.

  4. how to get better teeth

    That hit might have been by my dentist after she spent 2.5 hours trying to extract one of my wisdom teeth. Oh yeah … I was awake for the whole thing.

  5. How was the root canal? Bad news… mouth stuck open for hours, can’t swallow… or breath through your mouth…. Yeah… I am really sorry about that… Crest, Colgate, it all still causes cavities…. damn toothpaste companies anyway…

  6. Okay I want to do this since evryone else seems to be jumping on the google search bandwagon. I can only imagine what weird searches bring people to my site.

    Oh and that fibroid picture? Impressive.

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