Doin the right thing

I like surprises and so does my sweet husband. Well actually only good surprises, no one likes the sort of surprises where one wakes up with water dripping on ones face from some unknown source. I’m talking present surprises, the ones that make me squeal like the little girl I am.

Sweet Husband’s Xbox was a surprise about 5 years ago on Christmas and it has seen it’s share of game playing. The baddest dudes have been wounded or killed on our Xbox, and the Myst-iest puzzles have been solved on this Xbox. We saw the Simpson’s rage on the road and some hit and run too. I conquered, well not conquered, but played well enough that I didn’t ‘die’ immediately during, Outlaw Golf, which is a hoot. My avatar is always Harley, the biker chick gone golfer and Sweet Husband is El Suave, “you may kiss me now” with his Latino flourish and tight pants. But the game that has been played more than any other on our XBox has been Madden 07, with none other than Shaun Alexander of the Seahawks on the package cover.

Let me tell you I have seen so many new players created, and SuperBowls come and go that you’d think we lived closer to the Football Hall of Fame. I even tried to play once but I was so befuddled that all I could do was hit the blue ‘x’ button. This only allowed my player to flop around on the ground like a fish, it was quite hysterical. I will go on record as saying that I can’t shoot, ski, skateboard, drive, run or skydive when it comes to Xbox. I get all twitchy. It makes me so nervous that I am unable to control any part of the game. But I can solve puzzles and I can flinch during the appropriate times when someone else is playing and shooting.

When we got the Xbox it was the same year that my mom, who was about 75yo at the time, came to spend Christmas with us. After watching others play for a while she thought she might like to try to do a driving game with me. Ok, I’m game, bring it on Virgy. So here we are, me who pushes all the buttons at the same time, swerving from side to side crashing into things versus Mom-zilla driving so slow that she hardly gets off the line. It takes about 45 minutes for us to finish the course and by this time Sweet Husband is exhausted from laughing so hard he’s gone off to take a nap. We were so pathetically awful, that I’m sure there must be some sort of award for us in the Gamers hall of shame. I think it would be called the Wanna-bees, presented by some nerd who never had it so good as the day he whooped an old lady and her middle age daughter. punk!

As if the Madden 07 wasn’t enough, a different version of football was brought home so Sweet Husband could be a coach. I would watch and yawn, and occasionally I’d watch for a longer time period, yawn some more and eventually get up and go to bed. But as the Xbox machine was getting older, these two football games would freeze up, ALOT. I could have been the sort of wife that says fine, let the damn thing die. But I’m not that sort of wife.

Under our Christmas tree this year was the new Xbox 360 elite, with bells and whistles and stuff and more stuff. Now we could play all the games again, non-stop from start to finish. From Laura Croft to the dude in Da Vinci code. But you know what? In spite of what we’ve read, heard or assumed, NOT all of the older Xbox games will play on the new system. But our friends at Microsoft are adding to the list daily games that are backwards compatible. And more than anything we want football to work on the new system and it doesn’t, and that’s just not right. You think you’re doing the right thing and Whammy, it slaps you in the face. So Football is on hold and demo versions of Guitar Hero are making some new friends in our house. I want to get the whole Rock Band, but the cat’s have mastered the Xbox even less than I have, and we’d have to build a whole seperate room to hold all the gear. Oh well, until next time, Rock on dudes!

3 thoughts on “Doin the right thing

  1. I feel the pain with the backwards capability, it happened to us as well but with a PS3. Now three months later we can play anything. Oh yeah give Madden 07 the boot because 08 is ten times better.

  2. I don’t get it. Really, I think xbox and all that is a waste….I enjoy watching people play on ’em, but to actually own something like this is odd to me. I did like Mario brothers and tetris when it came out a bazillion years ago. I will continue to play solitaire on my computer and that is pretty much is that. I like the poker game I have but only because I can go in and change the looks of the players. Well, you guys have fun on your xbox and don’t wear out yer thumbs.

  3. I never was able to get into any of the 3 game systems my kids have. But I have messed around with the Wii a bit and have REALLY enjoyed Guitar Hero on that. So I guess there is hope for me yet.

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