of course…Happy New Year

We’re not late stayer-uppers, generally. However, it being New Years Eve we did feel the need to force ourselves to stay up to see in the New Year, which we did, barely. “The girls” came over brought some Brown Shugga, a quite yummy beer which is born in the land of where I have relatives, Petaluma California. The original plan was to have fondue, which we did, and then play cards, which we didn’t. “The girls” had had a rough week after putting down their elderly incontinent cat, the next door neighbor dying and then having to spend a couple of days with one set of parents. They were spent. I didn’t even realize we weren’t playing cards until I spied the new set of poker chips and cards that hadn’t been completely opened from Christmas Eve. So we set on the couches and chatted, fighting desperately to stay awake. Every so often someone would shout out the time and state only “x more minutes”. How pathetic is that? Next year we vowed to go by London time and call it good.

About 11:57pm I turned on the TV so we could watch the ball drop off the Space Needle. Wait, wrong show, I stopped at New York’s Time Square channel just in time to watch Dick Clark asking someone if it was time, yes time for you to stop doing this horrid show. Oh my word….Dick Clark looked awful. Dick, dude, the year will still start anew even if you are not in front of a camera. Now do yourself and ALL of us a favor and retire. It was painful to watch, even as brief as it was.
I then clicked onto the Space Needle channel where the overly annoying yappers from KING 5 were counting down the fireworks, 4…3..2..1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Oh joy, the fire works have a theme this year, “Tribute to Hollywood” because we can’t do anything with out a dangity dang dang theme. The show was pyrotechnics synced with show stopping tunes from Star Wars, Jaws, Liza Minelli, ( I can’t even remember EVER writing her name before) topped off with a big finish of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, by Liza’s mommy. But something was horribly wrong. The fireworks stopped, yet the music continued and then the music stopped. At one point all we could hear was an off screen whispered womans voice asking, “Are they done, was that it?”
Watch, watch, watching some more…nothing. Well, that was short, we are all quickly loosing interest, and hear the calls of our beds. Still watching when the fireworks start up again, for a few short bursts and then nothing. Wait, watch, waiting, waiting, ah there she goes. The fireworks are now completely out of sync with the music that stopped about 6 minutes ago, in what should have been only an 8 minute show.
We didn’t get to hear the(click for the whole story) finale of the “Tribute to Hollywood”, or as Sweet Husband say’s, “cuz Hollywood doesn’t get enough attention” tribute. We did however watch the fireworks limp their way around the Space Needle in a sequential ring of spewing rockets. To me it looked more like a tribute to Classic Video games, Asteriods in particular, with that one lone spurt of fire power as noted in the picture below:

We were laughing and making all sorts of cracks about the Space Needle falling over, which it never does. This little excitement most certainly woke us up, just enough to hug and kiss exchange Happy New Years, open the door wave goodbye to the guests, turn out the lights, brush our collective teefs and go to bed. Happy New Years to all and to all a good rest! I hoped you check out the Space Needle Video

6 thoughts on “of course…Happy New Year

  1. The video was interesting, I bet that stunk up the place. It was a bit less noisy here. I heard the usual barrage of shotguns and left over fire crackers all done in about five minutes. Yawn.

  2. I have to laugh because I spent my night putting together a show exactly like the one you were making fun of. Except our firewaorks actually worked like they were supposed to. But I never quite understood the whole need to have a huge New Year’s bash. I mean it is really just another day after all. But it is my job so I just go along for the ride.

  3. I always forget my fireworks. But the warning on the labels say not to light them when asleep, so it is just as well. happy new year!

  4. I have not Dick Clark in AGES. And now that I’ve read this, don’t believe that I’ll ever want to in the future. Some celebs should just learn when to throw in the towel. Yikes! Happy New Year!

  5. Dick Clark needs to retire for our sake!!! jeez. He’s starting to rival Larry King whose about 147 years old at last count I think. I love the fondue idea for NY’s and we were the same way around here….just beat. The Space Needle show was good for some comedy, though. feh.

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