8 thoughts on “Royalty Angst

  1. Since you are a princess and wear a tiara….
    the Prince in your life must wear an appropriate sized CROWN. Maybe a Tam fashioned from a Crown Royal bottle container?

  2. Awww, can’t you do it in secret? And I love the new picture on your masthead, it is soooo beautiful. Almost makes up for the lack of tiara picture.


  3. I guess it would depend on the tiara. As I have acquired a manily face and sported a tiara, I think that sweet husband should join me in this fashionable pastime.

  4. Oh come on! Heck it’s only the internet… 😉

    Love your little countdown to SA! That put’s you around the time that I’ll be initiating plans for a live snake procession…ewwwwwwwww!

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