Yes Yes a thousand times yes!

You are a crafty bunch, you readers you. I could say I wanted to start you easy with “where am I” because I left the coordinates, but that would be lying. I was in a hurry to post because I had a plane to catch…yes to San Diego. I did notice the coordinates as soon as I posted, but din’t have the time to change it. You are all winners and for your prize you get my un dying gratitude.

It has been so nice here in San Diego, that when Sweet Husband told me it was snowing when I called him a short while ago…um I didn’t feel to bad not being there to see it. EXCEPT I miss him and I feel like I’ve been gone for about 5 weeks.

Being in REALLY nice weather has only solidified in me that I want to live someplace with great weather all the time. I LOVE being outdoors. I wanted to roll around on the newly cut grass that I passed on the way to the convention center today, it smelled so fresh and green. Yup, I’m a goof for good weather.

Gotta scoot off to dinner, still got bizness to do.

5 thoughts on “Yes Yes a thousand times yes!

  1. There’s a couple houses in my neighborhood for sale, come be my neighbor. Vegas is sunny almost ALL the time! 🙂

  2. The great weather in San Diego was the one thing that almost made me stay in the Navy, but then the all mighty dollar raised it’s ugly head off to Rhode Island I went. In January no less.

  3. Don’t you sometimes sigh over that nifty house on the hillside that you looked at in San Diego. Wonder how much sucker goes for now?

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