WOW, it’s echoy in here today, must be all the space that isn’t being taken up with my posting.

I have arrived home from my brief stay in San Diego, where it was a extremely pleasant 68.9degrees, yummy. Now mind you I didn’t get to do any sight seeing, no beach playing, no leaving of the interior of the city at all, and no penny squishing*sorry*. But what I did do was walk the soles off of 8 pairs of shoes. Let’s walk to the show, walk at the show, walk back from the show, go for a walk, walk to dinner, walk back back from dinner, walk up the 7 flights of stairs after we’ve spent time ‘playing’ on the beach on the second floor. Yes, at our hotel there is a sandy beach, with seating and a bar. On the second floor. It was neato.

Hey I’m not opposed to walking at all, but now that I’ve been sitting in a car riding fro and to meetings since I got back Tuesday night, there is a vast difference in activity level. Today I will work at my desk with some walking thrown in.

So I’m home now, playing catch up from all the emails that couldn’t be sent from my hotel room…grrrrr! And of course all the stuff that I have to follow up on from the show and the various meetings from the past couple of days. But, I’m home now, with my Sweet Husband. I think I’ll persuade him to go for a walk later.

6 thoughts on “Riccooooollllaaaaa!

  1. Oh, Jeff, we just checked and it registers minus 9, but it feels like minus 29. How and more importantly,why, do you live there?
    I’m sure they need musicians and scrapbookers in Hawaii.

  2. I think I need to visit somewhere relatively warm. If I lived where Jeff is, I’d just never leave the house. I detest cold weather.

  3. I went for a walk today, too. The munchkin and I bundled up and zoomed around a trail with my Ipod….when we were done our hands were like ice cubes!!! brrrrrr. I need a sun therapy trip to Cali soon!

  4. Carla, we’ve got our “For Sale” sign ready and waiting in our garage. Just need to get the last kid out of the house first in 7.23 years. But who’s counting.

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