It’s official

That’s just a bit past weird for me. It has to shoot pink bullets…I insist, bullets can’t possibly hurt or mame if they are pink. Don’t cha think?

As of today, a mere 3 seconds ago, I have consciously decided to NEVER again think that anything “Hello kitty” is cute. I don’t know how I did it, but I found a website that is dedicated to ‘hello kitty hell’. Go take a look, I double dog dare ya. It’s a website about all the weird crap anyone can get with hello kitty on it. um, hello kitty people, get a life.

Sure I thought the Chococat check book cover that I got for Christmas a few years ago was cute and I still use it except I don’t write checks anymore. And I did like Chococat because she actually looks like my kitty, Cica.

…except without the waving.

And I’ve even been known to embellish someone elses property with Hello Kitty emblems. For instance, my brother in laws hand truck. He sure saw pink that day.

A while back, Sweet Husband and I borrowed a hand trunk from his brother which was colored a very faded red, faded to the point of pink, a soft chalky pink. I thought there would be no harm in taking ‘pink’ to the next level, so before we returned it, I plastered this very manly hand truck with Hello Kitty stickers….I have to admit it was cute. And here I thought I was on to something, but apparently I’ve been beaten to the punch again with hello kitty overload. Damn you hello kitty!

Oh yeah, now I remember what I saw first from that website. This is wrong in sooooo many ways. Need I say anymore?

11 thoughts on “It’s official

  1. I used to be crazy about Hello Kitty until I met Chococat. Now I’m careful about leaving any sizeable cat items out, for instance my cute, pink, kitty face evening purse. Maddie just might decide that it isn’t to her liking and have a go at until it’s shred to pieces!

  2. I was cured of Hello Kitty before I even knew what it was. I watched a design make over show where the home owner was a Hello Kitty fan to the max. She pouted, she cried, they painted and it actually turned out fairly decent. Shudders. Hello Kitty J-man? Yikes.

  3. Nice try. You were expecting me to make some kind of perverted comment about the scantily-clad women on that site and get myself in trouble. Well neener neener to you… it didn’t work!

  4. I have never liked Hello Kitty. Somehow it always seemed demeaning to me, I ma not sure why. So I have been spared from the Hello Kitty backlash. And I admit I shudder everytime I have to walk by the store that caters to EVERYTHING Hello Kitty. It is like Hello Kitty threw up in the store. *shudder*

    But that little black kitty is kinda cute.

  5. Never did like kitty – hi, how ya doing, or otherwise. I am all about the ‘Mouse’.
    Interesting website – great time killer.

  6. oh another thing…whilst driving home yesterday. Really nice car in front of me 30 or 40 thou, had a decal of an automatic weapon in the back window. very strange.

  7. I’ve never like Hello Kitty anything, but that Jesus tat is making me change my mind. There just aren’t words to describe it.

  8. Didn’t you give me some Hello Kitty toy? Or was that someone else, I can’t remember that was ages ago. Love the ink 😀

  9. You know, that gun is kinda cute and girl.imp adores Hello Kitty!

    I’ll just have to not show her that particular product line…

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