Flat Jessi

A short while ago a friend emailed me and asked if I would participate in a 3rd grade class project, to which I quickly answered YES!!! A few days later in the mail arrived a large thick envelope. Inside this envelope was “Flat Jessi”. Flat Jessi was about 18 inches high made in the form of a third grader I can only assumed is named Jessi. The purpose of this cutout was so she could easily be transported via ‘snail-mail’ and sent to a variety of places. As a participant in this class project it was my duty to take her places and have her photographed.

After the initial shots of Flat Jessi making martinis and soaking in the bathtub, we took her out and about in our city for our ‘sendable’ photos. After all the shots were printed I sent Flat Jessi on to Grand Junction Colorado where I know she will be welcomed with an open heart and hopefully a quick turn around.

The Fremont Troll lives under a bridge….a very large bridge. She was quite dwarfed when we set her on one of the Trolls fingernails.

She also got a great view of the city. Or I should say we got a great photo of her in front of the view of the city.

In all the places that we took Flat Jessi, people asked us if this was one of those ‘class projects’. I thought that was pretty cool. This project is based on a book titled. “Flat Stanley” Which was published in 1964, but because I was schooled in Idaho, I just now found out about it. ~shrug~ Anyhoo, this got me all excited about a project I want to do. This is where you, dear reader, come in.

I love getting snail mail, when it is on purpose, and from someone that I actually might know, and as we all know, getting mail is kind of a lost art. Bills and junk mail not so much. I thought it would be fun to incorporate a blog with sending out ‘something’ to a bunch of different people, have pictures taken where ever they may be and then the photos are emailed back to me and the ‘something’ is sent on to somewhere else and so on. I then post those family appropriate photos on a seperate blog called,
BLOG-O-SPHERE. (do you think I should franchise the -O- part of my blog names?)

I was thinking of a mailable ‘flat suitcase’ where travel stickers could be applied or something equally appropriate. Anyway if you want to participate email me at
Carla312@gmail.com and I will start this project on it’s way. I may just have to carry a ‘something’ with me all the time and show you photos of all the places that I’m going….hmm that’s a thought.

6 thoughts on “Flat Jessi

  1. I have just the thing, lots of empty pizza boxes!!! I will turn one inside out and the stickers will look very nice! The pizza smell will wear off after a while.

  2. Me, me, me! I wanna play! I was once involved in an art journal project where everyone had to create a page to add to the book then send it on to the next person. It flopped, because the book eventually became heavier and subsequently, the gals at the end of the list had to fork out more $$$ for postage.

    Anyway, I’ll shoot you an email later. I sooooo wish that Flat Jessi could have visited me! Carnevale is the perfect time for neat-o pics.

  3. Can I join in? I could take flat whatever to Mexico and taking pictures of it parasailing or surfin, or dancing the macareni or is it macaroni? I wanna play

  4. How fun! Kind of like that movie Amelie, she stole her father’s troll and fed ex’d it to many places to have it’s pictures taken everywhere.

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