Baby Graffiti

Ok, by a show of hands how many of you like to play Scrabble®? We do, and sometimes I win, but not very often. Even though I’m not a “winner” I still play because I like to make up my own words. That alone has got to make me a winner in somebody’s book, eh? Often in this rascally word game a player might get a few too many vowels and take a lengthy amount of time to try and cleverly come up with some high scoring pointage with their 3 E’s a couple of A’s, an N and 2 G’s. This may cause the other players to lose some immediate interest and resort to other type of entertainment, like karaoke but more likely, doodling.

For reasons unknown to any of us, at our house we also keep the old score sheets. We usually recycle everything. I think this some sort of weird badge of honor to keep a running tally of who have been the past winners. And it’s nice to relive history sometimes when in a rare moment I did win. But one set of score sheets have been kept for totally different reasons. Somewhere along the line when ‘a’ player was stalled and couldn’t find some high scoring word, the other person took pencil in hand and started drawing, on the score sheet. The score sheet has a picture of a baby, and a quote on it. When one player would finish their Scrabble® turn, the board was turned, (cuz we have one of those groovy twirly Scrabble® boards), the other person would then take their turn at doodling. I think you might be getting the picture, but just in case here are a few examples. Oh yeah, we also like to drink wine when we play Scrabble®…does it show?
(click on photo to embiggen)

2 thoughts on “Baby Graffiti

  1. I miss playing Scrabble. I actually owned the official computer game but it was really boring. There is nothing like the rattle of setting up, musing over the various letter combinations and of course the more or less witty conversation that happens during the course of the game….unless you fall asleep of course. My score paper usually consists of what ever scrap of paper is available. My high score games are inscribed on the inside of the box. And I have been known to read a book whilst playing.

  2. I love Scrabble! We have been on a game kick lately and have been playing all sorts of board and card games with my in-laws. And of course there is drinking going on. Trying playing Taboo and watching your father-in-law attempting to explain tornado without saying wind, twister etc and see if you can get through observing his gyrations without laughing. 🙂

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