I heart you!

Get your Valentine’s edition barf bag ready, this just might be too much for some of you to handle. Today I bring to you my simple list of love…give it a try. It will do your heart good!

I LOVE my Sweet Husband. If you’ve read this blog for more than the average page visit, you know that my life completely swirls around my Sweet Husband. He is my perfect match, he makes me laugh, he makes smile, he makes me gaffauw and his sense of humor is beyond compare. That’s just one of the things I love about him, the rest are mine all mine to keep and cherish.

I LOVE my Sweet Step Daughter. When I look at her and her dad, I see how awesome my life is. You have me, a single aging spinster and he, a hip divorced dad with his shy little girl and the three of us stepping through the portal of matrimony, the transition was practically effortless. Sure there were adjustments, but not like you’d think. I had cats, he had a little girl what else did we need? I am a lucky woman and at any point along the way it could have gone sideways and really still could, but I don’t think so. We are a good team the three of us. I love them.

ok, shrugging, I love my cats. there, that’s it, no more to talk about. Ok, one thing, they are getting old and they talk and whine alot and if I even look toward a chair they are clamoring to sit on me. enoughahready.

I love my new dishwasher…it’s pure housekeeping magic.

I love my yard and I LOVE the fact I have a 3 day weekend and I will be able to get out there and start kicking some dirt ass. Spring bulbs are already visible and I’ve even seen a snowdrop similar to the blurry one in this post.

Well I best get busy. I have a 3 hour drive home and I LOVE the fact that I haven’t had to do this since August of 07. Bye Portland, I love you too.

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