Moving review

I don’t usually write about the movies that we watch, because I understand that we are all wildly different in what we enjoy. More often than not, the movies we rent leave us yearning for the time that we just wasted and will never get back.

We like to frequent the locally owned video rental store because we like to know the money stays in our community and frankly, we like the dudes that run the place. The building is an old bank building with the obligatory shelves outlining the walls of the place, where the movies are alphabetized for the customers convenience. The game rentals are in the old bank vault and I just realized the other day that they actually have a separate porn section which from this statement you might guess I’ve never stepped into.

One time when Sweet Husband accidentally returned one of their movies to another video store he was charged him a whopping $2.65 after it had been late for the 6th or 7th day. Another time we forgot to take the disc from the machine and turned in the empty box…no charge for stupidness. The video store personnel will call us when a movie comes in that we’ve been looking for and they will reserve movies for us. They are awesome and we like giving them our money.

I stopped the other night to pick up a movie and as always I start in the A’s because that’s how I am. I hadn’t walked 5 feet into the alphabet when I had 3 movies in hand. This was either a whimsical choice or a very good moment…time would tell. When we rent 3 new recent releases, it’s a 5 day rental….sweet! So sit back and review along with me, our A list movies of the past week.

Number one on the drawing board was
“The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford”. First of all the scenes in this movie were what I deemed authentic western living. When spying through a window the glass was wavy, when walking a long distance the roads were muddy and not neatly groomed, when viewing a destination from afar the farms were barren and at first glance lifeless. The photography was beautiful and intriguing. I’d never seen a western where it wasn’t all the crap about macho cowboys running renegade on everyone in sight. What I saw in this movie was actually cowboy emotion and angst. The movie is based on a novel that tells the actual true story of the death of Jesse James. Casey Affleck has an Academy nomination for this acting and he did an outstanding job. Brad Pitt plays Jesse James and it’s the first movie where Brad Pitt was physically ugly. The camera angles and lighting made sure of his ugliness and it was a fascinating movie to watch. The one thing it could have used was a bit more editing. It started to drag a bit at one point, but not once did we fall asleep. Sweet Husband puts this movie in his top ten favorites of all time. He does confess to having about 50 movies in his top ten, I think that’s called ‘new math’. All in all we give it 5 out 5 buckets of popcorn.

Next on the agenda is “The Amateurs” which is the US title of the Moguls, a movie starring Jeff Bridges. This movie also stars Ted Danson who I have trepidation about anyway, so I was leary about the whole thing. But I was in the A’s on a roll and I wanted to get home, so this movie came home with me.
It’s a quirky film about a group of people in small town America who want to make a porn film. Not because they’re pervs but because it’s business. No this movie didn’t make it to the top ten of anyone’s list and in fact it has been panned by critics, but what do they know? We managed a few chuckles and if you don’t mind references to large black penises (can’t wait to check google referrals on this one) then by all means, be my guest and give it a look see. We give this a 3 out of 5 buckets of popcorn.

Last and surely not least “Across the Universe” “Within the lyrics of the world’s most famous songs, lives a story that has never been told. Until now.”

A series of Beatles songs, preformed by the actors make up this film. I like to think that John Lennon would have liked this movie, it’s that clever.

This is one of those movies you either love or hate. I loved it. The story is a compilation of Beatle songs that tell the stories of a variety of people in the 60’s. The music is delightful and the whole presentation is very clever. At first I thought it was going to be cheesy but it wasn’t at all. I compare it to Moulin Rouge, which again is a movie you either love or hate. It’s one of the few if not only, movie I’ve ever watched that when the character starts singing, it actually makes sense. The sets are awesome with small roles by Bono, Joe Cocker and Selma Hyak. I will now be searching out the soundtrack, but it helps that I actually like the Beatles. We give it 5 out of 5 buckets of popcorn.

So hurry it’s a 3 day weekend, you still have time to get to the rental store and watch these gems. Let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Moving review

  1. Across the Universe is AMAZING and the soundtrack is so wonderful I went and bought it. I think I will have to own this movie soon because it was just that good. I saw The Assassination of Jesse James too and I was not that impressed with it. While the cimenatography was incredible and Brad Pitt actually did a wonderful job and it did feel like you were really there in old Western times and how hard it was, it dragged too much for my tastes. But I am not a big western fan so I may not be a good judge of charcater. Plus, Casey Afflack’s character bugged me. But it was better than 3:10 to Yuma.

  2. Hated the Jesse James flick, big waste of my time. Never saw the other 2. I like computer animated movies so the first remark will probably not be a big surprise. I want to see the BEE movie.

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