On a clear night…

It was clear enough last night that we could see the lunar eclipse from our dining room window. So when our neighbors called and asked if they could come and set up their surveying instruments in the back yard for better viewing power,we got an added extra space bonus. It was clear and so tiny and crisp, it looked like a cartoon. WOW. It. Was. cool.Freaking.Saturn. I love being a nerd.

7 thoughts on “On a clear night…

  1. Yep went outside about halfway through and marveled at the reddish quality of it all just peeking above the horizon to the east of us, very pretty and unusually clear weather allowed us to see it, gonna be cloudy today, Thursday.

  2. I slept right through it. I had a bad day and decided to check out early. you are the only person I know that tracks the shuttle. it is good to be nerd…..

  3. We sat out by the pool and watched the lunar eclipse~ no fancy epuipment.
    Isn’t that what life is all about?
    Love your little corner of the blogsphere!

  4. We had clouds here until it was already past the full point but it cleared up for the back end. We called everyone we knew and insisted they all go outside and marvel at the cool site. I am a big dork too. 🙂

  5. The eclipse was great wasn’t it? Some day I need to buy a telescope so I can enjoy the night sky’s wonders more.

    By the way, I don’t know if you check your email (the one listed in your profile) often, but I sent you a message about a possible visit.

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