Home again, home again, giggity gig!

We are home now from a very nice trip to Phoenix. We saw the Mariners lose to the Cubbies, we got autographs from pitchers and we brought home sunburns, but just a little one. I had a cold most of the time and in spite of being home several hours my ears still haven’t pop. You might hear the scream of pain OR joy when it happens, but I wanted to warn you. The mornings were chilly and we over packed on the summer wear and didn’t really have a lot of transitional clothing, but we made due. This was a business trip and about 250 people were invited and stayed at this very nice resort. We had nice dinners and were taken care of very well. We even had massages which rendered us worthless the rest of the day. That wasn’t such a bad thing for me, because I felt like crap anyway.

On Friday evening we were at the home of one of the host, for a BBQ. We met a lot of people that we had seen around the resort and had a chance to meet and mingle with them. My friend, Karen met her boss’s boss for the first, a gentleman that she knew of, but hadn’t talked with before. She visited with him and his wife for quite some time and shared fun stories of travel and selling, because hey, that’s what we do. They didn’t know the other was attending this function and had a few laughs when someone introduced them, quite by accident. It was a very nice evening and we were tired and I was still sneezing and frankly it was hard to talk and hear so we skedaddled back to the resort.

Around 3am we awoke to the sounds of a helicopter hovering overhead for what seemed like a couple of hours. We were annoyed but once it left, we didn’t think anything more of it. We got up and headed off to a leisurely breakfast and as we left the resort we noticed that a street adjacent to our facility was blocked off and several patrol cars were there. A-hah, that must be the direction of the goings on last night. When we got back to the resort a short while later the patrol cars were all gone.

We had been told there were additional tickets for the Saturday ball game, but then got a call stating that none had been turned in so we adjusted our schedule and sat poolside which is where we acquired our sunburns. Yeah me too, I HATE having a sunburn in March, it so messes with my tanning time line.

Later that evening was the farewell dinner where the Mariners players showed and we got to have autographs and ask stupid questions. I am feeling MUCH better by this time, which of course I knew I would, so I bring along Flat Jessi, who is back to visit. She hangs with all the players and is a big hit.

It’s a gorgeous evening as we arrive for our outside venue for dinner and I see my main customer coming toward me, I get up to give her a hug and ask how her day was. She hugs me and when I ask if she had a nice relaxing day, this is what she whispers to me as she is holding me in a very tight hug. “I spent the day at the hospital” “Wow, was it Chuck having a reaction?” I asked back, Chuck being a guy who had a sticky run in with a cactus the day before.

“No, there was a car crash last night after a police chase and the driver got out of his car and ran into the resort. He ran to an open window where he cut open the screen jumped inside and started stabbing Mr and Mrs X. They will be ok, but Mr X is in ICU with deep lung wounds and Mrs X had to have a lot of plastic surgery to repair her face. The guy was obviously on some sort of drugs and wanted more. They offered money, jewles and their rental car, but he kept stabbing. You must have heard the helicopters last night. They finally found the guy after the SWAT team locked down the resort for 5 hours, he was hiding on someone’s patio, but our screen was ripped open as well.”

We were all in a bit of a shock as it turned out to be my friend Karen’s bosses boss. It set a somber tone for the evening and it just makes me know, that you never know.

I’ve attached the newspaper report from the Scottsdale Republic. I was mad when I read the first account yesterday because it stated that there were no serious injuries. UH, yeah there were, several hundred people were hurt in some way from this incident. Two people will most likely be scared for life. Sweet Husband and I can hardly stop talking about it, but as we all know life goes on. Be safe and keep those doors and windows locked. Fresh air is highly overrated.


Police arrested a 22-year-old El Mirage man on suspicion of stabbing two people at a Scottsdale resort early Saturday morning as he fled a traffic collision, Paradise Valley police said.According to Paradise Valley police, Scottsdale police tried to stop a vehicle shortly before 3 a.m. in the 7100 block of East Indian Bend Road. The vehicle struck a tree and Juan Alberto Castelo reportedly fled on foot into the Scottsdale Plaza Resort.
There, the suspect entered a guest room and used a knife to attack two Utah residents, police said. Police later found the suspect hiding on the resort grounds. The stabbing victims, a 47-year-old man and 43-year-old woman, were taken to Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn with serious injures. Both are expected to recover. Police said a woman riding in the suspect’s car was also injured. Details of her injuries were not released.The suspect was booked into Maricopa County Jail on suspicion of attempted murder, aggravated assault and related charges.

8 thoughts on “Home again, home again, giggity gig!

  1. This is just like your last post. Here I think it is all wonderful, you had a great trip and BAM! You hit us with this terrible news! I can not believe that happened and feel so horrible for those poor people. It just goes to show you can never be safe anywhere. Wow. Please tell us if you find out any sort of follow up on this. If I were them I would never leave my home again. But even that is not safe any more.

    This world is so sad nowadays. I feel as if we are falling into hell on earth and there is no way out.

  2. I tell ya – you just can’t be too careful. Flat Jessi looks aahvalous! Warm up so baby oil and put a dab in yer ear.

  3. Holy crap, that’s frightening! You never think that kind of thing could possibly happen to you, and this just proves it can.

    But what’s this crap about “…a 22-year-old El Mirage man on suspicion of stabbing two people…”?

    WTF? Where’s the “suspicion” in that. The SOB DID stab two people!

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