Happy Friday!

There should be a picture of a pizza right here, but blogger is being cranky.

Hey look at Me, two blog postings less than 24 hours apart. Thanks Tim for the link, this is great! Please review a new pizza ordering system. It really could happen.

…then when I was looking for an image of a pizza, I found this. Weird.

7 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. Went online and ordered a Dominos Pizza and it was delivered in twenty minutes. Hot and Fresh, though I could have picked it up in ten, but the system works and now all I have to do place a call and they have all my info from caller ID. Faster ways to get your money.

  2. Okay, that first link was pretty scary…but then pizza coming out of a vending machine kind of is too. Get me off the grid!!!

  3. Pizza vending machine? I want one of those in office. Unless they taste like the inside of the machine.

    BTW, love you photos!

  4. I showed my husband the pizza machine and the first words out of his mouth? Oh Madonna! Yeah, I can see that one going over reaaaal well in Italy. 😛

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