Our new best friend

As cold and flu season is upon us, I have a very hard time taking any medication that may relieve my symptoms of a stuffy or runny nose. Those antihistamines and the like send me directly into orbit of a far far universe, where sounds are dull and so are my reaction times. Once I do gain any self awareness I come dropping back to earth via a very unfulfilling sleep after about 14 hours of the heebie geebies. I found out the hard way that I’m allergic to Benadryl, cool huh. I knew that the human body had a lot of nerve endings, but I never expected to feel each and every one of them, at the same time. So, I go anatural’. No medicine, no dayquill, no nyquill, noinbetweenquill, nothing for this girl.
Sweet Husband suffers from tree pollen allergies and has to resort to over the counter allergy medicine. He utilizes all the Benadryl that I am allotted in life it pretty much evens out. It’s a delightful few weeks of sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes. We’ve considered buying stock in Kleenex.
BUT, we have found what we think might help both of us. It’s older that the dust on the books in the library. All good yoga instructors vow by one of these cleansing rituals. See the groovy apparatus?

You first go to Whole Paycheck, er I mean Whole Foods and purchase a Neti Pot, or go on the internets and poke around, you’re sure to fine one. Get some sea salt, stir ½ a teaspoon into warm water in the Neti Pot and OVER A SINK, pour the saline into one nostril as the water mixture drains out the other side. It is amazing, cleansing and I’ve even come up with a name for the debris. Neti- flicks?

We watched this video before trying it ourselves, and we bought one anyway.

5 thoughts on “Our new best friend

  1. A long time ago (years) I stopped in at the local pharmacy and bought a bottle of saline solution (100% pure) to spray up each nasal passage. I have been doing this for years all without the handy dandiness of a pretty pot that may or maynot be full of lead. Very pretty though. Oh by the way? That is my big sister snottiness showing, so sorry.

  2. I’ve heard of one of those, but never used one. I’m like you with major sensitivities to many pharmaceuticals and like your husband with the allergies…lucky for my I have an amazing naturopath who has cured my hay fever and many other allergies. Can’t imagine going back to those long weeks of sneezing and runny nose.

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