Short post week

Ok, it’s my personal goal this week to post every day. I know, what a concept in communication. It will be a little bit ‘points to ponder’ and mostly crap I assume. Here goes:

I’ve this odd little habit of reading signs or sentences wrong and reading commas in places where they are not present. I like words and I like how they come together and how they ultimately make me laugh. I also like to rename cars and come up with I think what would be good band names. Today you get a few examples of some band names that have been rattling around in my head.

“2 Dollar Opera”, this came about because we were looking at things to do whilst in Buenos Aries and they have standing room only for 2 dollars at the Opera house. Excellent!

“Cute Rat Babies”, (which if I had not corrected what I just typed it would have said Cut Rate Babies, which is a whole different subject I won’t visit) anyhoo, I was driving by a sign the other day and it took me a full minute to realize the sign was for a pet shop and not a Record/CD store. Told you I was odd.

“Jesus of Burien, with Jeff on Drums” This stems from a random vicious fax that would come through overnight at the office fax, when I worked for a civil engineering firm. Guess Jesus didn’t see the ‘civil’ part, because in these faxes he would rant and rave about our eternal damnation and then sign them, ‘love Jesus of Burien’. Oh yeah, Burien is a name of a little town out by SeaTac airport, if that gives any clarification at all, which I guess is the homeport of Jesus. Who knew!

“Jeff on Drums” is also a name that would be a nice band name even without the Jesus part, it’s clear, to the point and you would definitely know who to contact for gig times. This stems from a friend who would bring up the subject of another friend, Jeff, who played drums, so we just shortened it to “Jeff on Drums”. From then on “Jeff on Drums” was added to everything from Fortune cookies – ‘You will step on the soils of many nations, with Jeff on Drums’, to sports teams – ‘Now, give it up for the Seattle Sounders, with Jeff on Drums’. You get the picture.

And last but not least, “Panty Trap” which was a topic of actual conversation between Sweet Husband and I and for the life of me and your mental safety, I can’t recall. Phew!

4 thoughts on “Short post week

  1. Love it, I always thought SUCKING CHEST WOUND would be a great name for a rock band but who needs it they are pretty weird as it is. R

  2. I just this last week renamed a favorite bar of Rocky’s. The bar’s name : The Busted Shovel.
    Rocky asked if I wanted to go play pool. I asked at the Broken Bucket? He said that I was definately related to you. I could be your evil twin.

  3. You are like the epitome of that book named “Eats, Shoots and Leaves” which explains how one little comma can change a sentance completely. 🙂

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