Come and Get it!

A photo of my ‘green salad’ from our lunch at the Yacht Club in Colonia

Whilst on our trip we did not suffer from hunger or thirst. Argentina is well known for it’s beef and Sweet Husband made it his personal quest to have beef every day while in South America. I made it my personal challenge to try the wines. It was not a hard challenge to uphold. We were wined and dined in some of the finest establishments in Buenos Aries and only once was there even a marginal meal, but always there was beef and wine on the menu and the table. The breakfasts were very continental with the meats and cheeses, yogurts, breads, fruit and excellent coffee. When speaking to the wait staff I always tried to respond with the appropriate answer in Spanish no matter how awkward it may have sounded to the recipient. I think I should get points for trying. So I quickly learned Sin Gas Aqua because I don’t care for the bubbles and all aqua was in a bottle, never from a tap, for which my internal organs are grateful.

The wine was abundant and very good. We have tried the Argentina wines here in the states and always thought they were good. The vintners of South America use the malbec grape which once had been used almost to the point of extinction. Someone go the bright idea that there was such an abundance of the malbec that they should have many Malbec vineyards pulled up to increase the price of the wine. Supply and demand, go figure. One afternoon we were at a wine and cheese tasting and this Rutini pictured was one of the favorites. The cheeses were quite good too, but I don’t recall any being left to be photographed. The limit on bringing wine home was 2 bottles per person, so we did.

Desserts are a big thing at meal time. There is generally enough to share with anyone nearby. This yummy treat was a flan with a subtle lemon sauce and a hint of mint. If you want a nice cup of coffee and hot milk, that is served after dessert and then some little sweets usually accompany the coffee. I wonder why I couldn’t go to sleep some nights? zzzzzzzz

Our first morning in Carmelo we ordered room service for breakfast and the table was so pretty when the wait person was finished, we just had to have a picture. There were flowers everywhere, even on our room service table.

In Carmelo our rooms were serviced 3 times a day. In fact the other morning after getting out of bed at home, Sweet Husband mentions to me that we haven’t made a bed for the past two weeks and wasn’t that nice. Yes, and who is going to bring me my coffee and croissant? Upon returning to our room in the afternoon there was usually a snack of some sort. One day the treat was fruit, the next day some amazing small fruit pies. I like vacation.

One of the evenings at Carmelo we were taken to the Estancia on the resort grounds where we were treated to what I thought was our very best meal. As we stepped off the shuttle we were handed chorizo and empanadas and then wine. Pre-eating, my favorite. I lust for these chorizo’s, they were beyond tasty. In fact tasty makes them sound cheap. I am so sorry my beautiful friend Chorizo, you are so far more worthy of a better description. You are heaven on a bun. Chorizo in the states is usually spicy hot, but these were like a smoky cloud of tender meat on a bread roll. No additional adornments, simple food at it’s simple best. Martine’, one of the chefs had been slow cooking every type of meat known to man for the past 6 hours. I had the most tantalizing piece of pork ever put into my mouth. My mouth waters as I think about the sizzling sound and cooking aromas that came from that outdoor kitchen. All of the food with the exception of the protein was laid out on large treated planks in 3 tiers for all the bowls of food. There were salads, vegetables raw and cooked. Sauces, gravies and dressings. Did I mention the wine? It never stopped flowing. (for the record I was down 2 pounds when we got home, can’t figure out how)

In the little town of Carmelo we found Cafe Fay Fay where we stopped for a beer and papa fritas. I know, it looks like giant KIX cereal but it’s actually a round tater tot…cool huh? The beer of Uruguay is called Patricia and it’s cold and smooth.

On our last evening we went to Bodaga Narbona at Puerto Carmelo. Check out their website it’s one of the coolest websites I’ve ever been too. I love the opera in the background, too. Anyhoo on this evening we have dinner at a local winery. We show up just past sunset so we can’t really get any good photos, but the atmosphere was amazing. We had stepped into what seemed like the perfect movie set. Beautiful people offered us wine and appetizers almost before we get off the bus. We had a tour of the wine cellar and additional grounds before we were ushered to a seperate dining area where we gathered for another round of outstanding food. After a week of beef we ate hand made pasta with a varieties of ‘gravies’. The cheese was spectacular, but of course you can’t get it here yet. I said yet. Remember? I sell cheese!!!

4 thoughts on “Come and Get it!

  1. Okay, now I really dislike you. And I’m hungry!! :)What an amazing experience. I love trying new foods and local customs. And wine is always great. And cheese. And dessert. That is heaven!

    Funny sidenote: throughout reading these posts I have had running through my head “Buenos Aires” from Evita. Makes a nice soundtrack. 🙂

  2. How pretty and yummy. I think that I may have gained ten pounds just reading your post. Did you bring back recipes to try on us?

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