Here I am!

The other night I had to be out of town overnight and I stayed at a ‘local inn’. It was the sort of inn that reminded me of Europe. Where when I walked down the hall the doors to vacant rooms were open and inviting me to come in and partake of it’s luscious environment. I recall staying at such a place in Switzerland where my then boyfriend and I actually stepped into an open room and…oh wait, sorry there goes the phone.

OK, I’m back now. Anyway this room was sooooo nice. There were fresh tulips, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, TWO bottles of water and a soaking tub so big that I could do laps. Early in the day when I checked into the room I was so sweaty and hot from setting up and taking down of displays that I couldn’t wait to partake in a bath or shower. I was enamored with my room and wanted to lap it up as much as possible. I turned on the FM radio to the classical station, turned on the faucet to this huge tub and poured in the bath salts. I was in bathy-heaven. I stepped into the tub with out getting high centered and settled in for a lengthy soak. I took a deep breath wanting to relax after a hards day work. I took another deep breath and started to cough. What the hell was that smell? A room this lovely shouldn’t have a stench this bad and I KNEW it wasn’t me. I recognized the smell, it was dead mouse. ICK! It’s one of those smells that I can smell, based on past experience and it doesn’t go away for a good long time. In fact when I was unpacking my suitcase at home I could still smell it. Double ICK! Dead mouse, in a place like this…ICK!


The bed. The bed was tall. I am five feet two inches on a good hair day and the landing strip on this bed was at least six inches above my eye level. What sort of demographic are they targeting, the Amazon sort with a love of pillows? I counted 12 pillows on this bed. Pillow overkill. So I did what any sane person would. I stacked the pillows on the east side of the bed where I could then place the alarm clock. Because God only knew that from this lofty height it would be a stretch to see the clock with out glasses or binoculars.

Later in the evening when I’d had a glass of wine, maybe two, could have been three, possibly four, I knew that once I got up there on that bed, I wasn’t gonna wanna get down to perhaps pee during the wee hours. HEY, the wee hours, get it? Well I was right, when I did get in about 10:30 after a VERY full day of working and then a dinner with 35 rabid customers I wandered toward my room. Just as I was saying goodnight to my co-workers my phone started ringing the theme song to Hawaii-Five-O. Well of course it was Sweet Husband. I did a few circles of a dance of joy before answering, laughing the whole time…I think I was tipsy. We talked briefly said some mushy goodnight things and that was the evening. ZZ ZZ zz

I barely recall taking out my contact lenses, but I do recall washing my face, cuz I saw the smudges on the wash cloth. I can see up close. I fell up into bed. That worked fine until 6:30am when I woke up to see that I had ALMOST overslept. I was to be in the meeting room at 7am. Good thing I was in the smallest town in the state of Washington and it took 8 seconds to get anywhere. I would LOVE that commute every day. Wait, I have that commute, I work from home most of the time….hah ahah ahahahahahahahahha.

But without the dead mouse smell…ICK!

2 thoughts on “Here I am!

  1. I know that same horrible smell well. We had mice a few years ago before I found the hole they were using to sneak into our house. I set a bazillion traps and when I didn’t check them often enough, I would eventually notice “the smell.” Then, when I pulled the ceiling tile down it would intensify 10x – yuk! Unfortunately, it’s one of those smells you never forget. Bleh.

  2. Oh dear…what a way to ruin a lovely room. I thought that picture was a terrible omen, even with the cute kitty in the background. đŸ™‚

    P.S> Got the book and will start reading ASAP! Thanks for sending it!

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