Tacky Tuesday

My new friend,Kathy from the Junk Drawer has a great funny blog. In fact she is so funny and entertaining the she posted a picture I sent her. But that’s beside the point, someone is stealing her blog posts and posting them as their own. I’ve never heard of such a thing. I know for a fact she is outraged and rightfully so. Please I invite you to go to her blog and read and stay for a vist…she’s funny!

…and then please tell me what is the point of stealing someone’s blog posts, that confuses me.

5 thoughts on “Tacky Tuesday

  1. I have never heard of that, how awful! I mean, isn’t the point of having a blog so you can be your own person and have original thoughts?

    I hope she caught the SOB and nailed them to the wall!

  2. theivery is the highest form of flatter? How does she know? I jack stuff all of the time – but pictures. If I want something written, I write. I say its just lazy.

  3. yeah lazy, immature and someone who obviously needs some extensive life experiences from which to write about personal adventures etc. R

  4. Didn’t you know?…. Everything I’ve written so far has been stolen directly from a small Asian woman who runs a nail salon. I can get away with it because my last name is Lee.

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