hey there what’s so important!

We’ll here I am finally. I haven’t had anything to write about for the past little while so I haven’t written anything. I suppose if I don’t have anything nice to say I shouldn’t say anything, eh? Actually I’m trying to write a paragraph and see how many times I can write the word anything in it… ya with me so far? Anything goes.

I’ve been busy but haven’t really wanted to sit in front of a computer after sitting in front of a computer all day. The weather is finally cooperating and when we can, we work in the yard. We have all sorts of projects again this year including replacing a fence with the same fence but in a new position, huh? You’ll see when we’re finished. There’s the usual gardening stuff, like weeding and then we’ll bark the yard. We are in a pretty good maintenance stage so it’s just thinking up some new gardeney stuff to do.

Work is the same… In our off time when we are forced to be in the house after dark, we’ve discovered Guitar Hero for the Xbox 360. For the record I ROCK at kindergarten level. I’m a maniac with three fingers, but you add the blue button of death and I’m total shit! It’s quite hilarious. Frankly it’s better than a driving or killing game. I can’t do those at all. In fact, if I were kidnapped by some renegade game developers and told that the only way I would be let loose was to drive my way out of Springfield during the Simpson game, reach all levels and get all the different cars, then they just might let me go. Well guess what, it would take me a lifetime to do that. I wonder if I were really forced to play all the time, would I get better? Anyone want to give me a grant to study that facet of gaming? Anyone? Anyone?

As I type this the family is battling it out over songs that you would think you would growtired of, but strangely, no. Those songs play the endless auto replay sync in my head for days to come. I do wonder if there are country and western version of songs for those who aren’t particularly into Rock. Then of course there would be the polka version for the Midwest group and the reggae for the more relaxed crowd. I just might be able to conquer that more relaxed version. I think I’m on to something. Easy listening Guitar Hero

In the past, I’ve been in study groups for Microsoft and I got a call one day to qualify me for an upcoming study. They asked about Xbox 360 and what games I played and how often. How often do I play Grand Theft Auto? Never. How often do I play Splinter Cell. Never. How often do I play Madden 08? Never. Do you play with your friends online? No. How many hours a week do you play Xbox? less than 1. This is the statement that came next. “Miss, I don’t think that you are the demographic that we are looking for.” Ya think? When are they going to start marketing to 49 year old women that don’t like to kill things or drive in racing games. My perfect game is a logic game where I solve puzzles, and see beautiful scenery and collect prizes. All the while maintaining a real time aging process. I’ll let you know when they call back.

2 thoughts on “hey there what’s so important!

  1. Continuing the quote in your title…”Whadda got that’s worth living for?” “True love” I could go on and on… đŸ™‚ Bonus points if anyone else can name the movie and charcater these lines come from.

    I can not WAIT for Rock band to come out for the Wii. I played it on the Xbox and fell in love with it. But since we don’t have an Xbox I have had to wait until it comes out for Wii. We had such fun playing, singing and drumming. It is like Guitar Hero, but way more awesomer.

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