Wait, I forgot to tell you

Today when I was at an ‘office’ store getting copies I noticed an older guy wearing shorts and a tank top sitting in a desk chair chatting on his cell phone. He was deep into a conversation about the concert last night, blah blah blah and so on.

I stepped outside to get in my car and low and behold there was a cute little Miata with the top down parked so close that I couldn’t get the door open. I stepped back into the store and said to the gent sitting down as if in his own living room.

“Scuse me, scuse me, is that your Miata?”

“What?” I repeat the question. “sure, why?” he said.

“Could you move it please, so I could get into my car, you parked too close.”

Rolling his eyes, he asked how did I know it was his car, to which I replied.

“You’re the only horses ass I could see sitting in the store like it was your living room and figured you were treating the parking lot like your very own garage.” To which he went out and moved his car, I then got into my car and left.

Don’t roll your eyes at me buddy.

6 thoughts on “Wait, I forgot to tell you

  1. Reminds me of the jerk who pulled right off the road and parked behind us…to go in for a coffee and a chat at the bar. We were at the pharmacy and knowing how these things go, found the guy, asked him to move and got a mumbled italian F*** Y** in return when he got behind the wheel. A response of course, to which I jumped out of my seat and gave him the bird with the english version right back.

    I think I was just looking for a reason to scrap that day. You’re not suppose to mumble swear words, you’re supposed to express them d***head! PMS I tell ya…

  2. Good for you, I hope you had your pepper spray in hand. And all Miata drivers are not total assholes. Some are just half.

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