Loves me some maps

I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t say, “I love the Google”. I like that instant gratification of finding out facts, bargains or news at the tip of my fingers. Some people spend time watching TV, I spend time dinking around on the Internet….it’s so entertaining. I’d go so far to say it’s the best invention, well since toast, um and butter.

Way back a LONG time ago an old boy friend of mine got a computer and a subscription to Compuserve. He was showing me all the bells and whistles, actually I think it was a triangle and a kazoo, but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why he needed ‘all that’. ‘All that’ wasn’t much of anything, come to think of it. I think all that was available was a news service with no picture, ads or stories, just headlines. And email? I don’t think it had even been invented yet. Or if it was invented not alot of people were using it. The cost to have this luxury was some ridiculous amount of money, like $30 per hour to connect. The good thing was…there wasn’t much to connect to.

I like that fact that I kind of grew up with computers and have seen their evolution. I remember the start up screen was a DOS screen with the following…c:win. I had no idea what I was doing, I was simply following instructions. It was so new and exciting to me. I know I’m such a beginner nerd, but that was big stuff to me, I’m no programmer. But at least I knew what that screen was. Yes I’m stating the obvious to many people, but the rest of us take computers and the Internet for granted. When the Internet ‘goes down’ I feel sort of disconnected, but adapt quickly with realtiy staring me in the face. I also like the fact that the internet has the capabilities to make some places to live, bearable. Remote to work….no problem. I LOVE that.

well that’s all for now….do you like the picture of my house from space? Looks like we were all home that sunny day, look at all the cars in the driveway. And the green umbrellas up over the patio. Home Sweet Home.

4 thoughts on “Loves me some maps

  1. I could stare at Google Earth all day. I just recently discovered that Google had been through my neighborhood for its Street View feature. Now people can look at my house from street level! I wish they’d let us know, so I could’ve brought in the garbage can and straightened up the yard a bit.

  2. I depend on Google more than I care to admit. Nothing else compares! And thanks to you, I finally had a looksee at the view of my home from above. Good grief…is that me out there in my bathrobe!?!

  3. My first computer was a revamped 386. Bought it with Rocky in 95, now I have 2 laptops that are like magic carpets. I remember the first time I heard one ‘speak’. It was Justin’s and it asked “Where do you want to go today?”. I’ve been going ever since.

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