Where to start?

When we were last together I blogged about my oldest brother. What I failed to tell you was that I had been in Idaho again since coming home from the funeral of my brother in law. so I saw him as well. My two sisters who had already planned a trip to Idaho were not able to make the funeral so I came back to Gales house and we had a ‘sisters’ weekend with the occasional brother thrown in.

BUT before that we had the best celebration of the whole year. We graduated from High School. Yeah!!!! We have provided another producing source of taxable income for the United States of America. I am so proud of our Sweet Daughter, she’s Smart and Beautiful. I cried of course, as I know this is the first of many milestones. It was very emotional for everyone.

BUT before I actually went to Boise we had the Secret Garden tour to go on. We have done this for the last several years. The deal-e-o is to exchange our tickets at the Town Center and get a map of where all the gardens are. We were a bit pressed for time because I had a plane to catch later in the day. The day was typical Secret Garden tour weather, overcast with the promise of sun and the threat of rain, neither of which arrived. We headed toward the car, in spite of the first two tours within walking distance…we had things to do, time is of the essence.

As we arrived at the car we heard, “OH! You’re not going on the tour? We were going to follow you.” Two nice looking ladies said to us in unison as they looked confused.

“No,” I laughed, “we’re on the quick tour, I have a plane to catch this afternoon, but would you like a ride with us?”

“Sure, why not” they said, and they got into our car. All of those things that you hear about letting strangers in your car were totally thrown out the window. Besides whose ever heard of gardeners being serial killers….really.

The gardens were great as usual, this house below is on the property of the first school house in our little town. Very nice and pretty hard to find 3 acres surrounding a house these days, but I’d take it.

The last garden on the tour was a bonus. We brought them to our house where they could see a real work in progress. Those nice ladies even offered to come back and weed, now wasn’t that nice?

Then Sweet Husband took me to the airport.

I got into Boise about 8pm and was greeted by two very large smiles on two of my three sisters. After a sister group hug, we collected my luggage and made our way to Hooterville. It was Festival weekend in Hooterville, where we walked over to check out the haps in the park. It was an odd sensation to be in a place that had been the center of my summer universe when I was a teen yearning for freedom and fun. But those wants were replaced with different one. I can’t even remember the last time I attended the Festival and all the events that surround it. I hadn’t really missed much…same ol carnival rides and Elephant ears. What made it good was the company, that was the most enjoyable.

The next day being Father’s Day, we girls piled into the car and headed off to “visit” dad. Our dad was interned at the Idaho Veterans Memorial Cemetery a couple of years ago and I hadn’t been back to see the plaque. It was pretty cool to see, especially on Father’s Day. I miss him. I think he would be very proud of all his girls.

We then did sister things like shop a bit, have lunch, go see Aunt and Uncle and our two groovy cousins visit with them. It was a very fun day and nothing….I SAY NOTHING, could spoil it. We got back to Gales where we ate a bit of supper and watched a show on HGTV. It was fun, relaxing and as you can see, ‘blog worthy’. It’s BW, because we haven’t been together for a few years to just do sister things. But the best was yet to come. The next evening we went to dinner with Richard of the previous blog and his very nice wife Kathy. OMG, we laughed and laughed and laughed, it was so fun, I want to do it again VERY soon. Can we huh???

When I get home a day or so later I am reminded that there is visit planned with Karl of

White Noise and his lovely wife Darlene. White Noise is THE BEST Canadian blogger, eveh! When I was single I did some dating of men that I met online and ultimately met Sweet Husband and married him. I equate meeting Karl and Darlene like meeting a date for the first time after knowing them online. The correspondence went on for awhile and then it led to meeting on the phone and then in person. Well we’ve been reading Karl’s blog for a while and they were coming to Seattle so of course we had to invite to meet up, so we did. We took them to one of our favorite restaurants where we stuffed ourselves and yakked and yakked and yakked. We’ve made some new old friends. They are great and I know that if we ever find ourselves near Calgary, we are going to visit them on their home turf.

There is, however, one thing I hope doesn’t make the headlines. “Canadians invade Seattle and capture US flag”

6 thoughts on “Where to start?

  1. It all sounds like great, wonderful fun with family and friends and I’m thinking, what a blast! I’ve met 2 bloggers upon moving here and it was just great to be engaged in english conversation other than with my husband for once. What I’m thinking though is that after all this you must be ready for a few ZZZZZ’s of your own.

  2. Yeah, I’m going to Seattle in October middlish fer sure, big meeting etc. I’m sure I can skip a bunch of it. Would love to sightsee.

  3. Congrats on your daughter’s graduation! That’s a major milestone for a kid… AND her parents!

    I didn’t know you met your hubby online. How cool is that?

  4. Congrats to Sweet Daughter! And I love that pic. I also love the looks of glee on the Canadians as they capture our flag! 🙂

  5. You never know about gardeners. I saw this movie called the last supper with Cameron Diaz and they killed people they hated and buried them in their tomato garden…

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