I’m such a DORK!

I am looking all over the interwebs for pictures of smallish bathrooms. It seems the noise that I kept hearing last night was a leak somewhere in our master bath. We now need to speed up the remodeling process a little. The insurance won’t cover old pipes with new leaks so we’re on our own, stupid insurance. We only need to take the bathroom down to the studs, replace all of the old pipe, retile, drywall and paint…no bigee. Anyway I’ve been looking and this is what I found.

The following is an actual conversation.

“Hey, here’s a website called ‘Well Hung Sinks’. That’s a catchy slogan, don’t you think? They have sinks that are attached to the wall and the pipes are covered. They’re kinda cool looking” she said.

“Is there a big picture? Big enough that I can see it pretty good?”, he said getting up to come look at my computer screen.

“That’s an ok sink, I don’t hate it. But that website says WALL hung sinks, NOT well hung sinks. He says with a big laugh.

I try to make like I was joking all along, but I’m caught. I swear it said Well hung sinks, cuz that would work too.

Told you I was a dork!

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