Black out

photo by Ruthann who lives somewhere on the intertubes

I awoke out of a very deep sleep last night to the sound of total silence. The power had gone out in our neighborhood which silenced all the fans in the house. That lack of sound, woke me up. It was the sound of snoring that I heard next, I think it was the cat. I was wide awake and curious as to the cause. I know! Why should I care at 2:37 in the morning if the power is out or not? Roll over, hug your pillow go back to sleep, ya dork. But if there was some calamity or the second coming of Jesse,I wanted to know about it before it hit the papers. I got out of bed, pulled open the blinds to let a flow of fresh air in, ah much better. It’s so quiet out there, and dark.

I stumbled toward the door, heading out into the hallway, whoa, my house is very dark. When I get to the living room I part the curtains to look out and the only lights I see are across the lake. The whole neighborhood is pitch dark. It was kind of creepy so I found a flashlight and went back to bed.

I laid in bed thinking about horror movies most specifically the movie SIGNS where the aliens were in the house,blah blah and YIKES I was scaring myself right into a frenzy. How bout those Mariners! Cuz, what if when I turned on the flashlight I could see aliens surrounding my bed. I hear a noise, WHAT’S THAT I think as I sit straight up and stare at where I think the door is…nothing there, so I lie back down. Another noise, this time there is movement and the cat who isn’t snoring after all, jumps on the bed. I utter a huge sigh of relief and lie down again. I’m just about asleep because Ive chased all the aliens out of head, and sweet sweet sleep is about to overtake me. When suddenly I get a flash of light in my eyes and the fans roar back to life. Obviously the power has returned. I reach up to close the curtains, hit the clock to stop the flashing numbers, roll over, hug my pillow and drop off to sleep.

No wonder I woke up tired, and this was after a $3000 dinner with clients which should have been more fun than what it cost.

5 thoughts on “Black out

  1. Why does everyone just default to imagining aliens for monsters in the house? I imagine super models. It’s much more pleasant…well, until they want me to support them that is and then it sort of turns into that horror genre…

  2. Are you sure it wasn’t VE lurking around in there?

    Hey, I thought your caption at Diesel’s place was the funniest one of all of them – and I voted for it twice. If I can get to another ‘puter I’ll do it again. Good one!

  3. That would freak me out too. I hate waking up in the middle of the night because I am always too freaked to fall back asleep. I am always so sure something is going to happen. I think I watch too many horror movies too.

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