Breaking up isn’t so hard to so.

Dear Blogger,

You suck. Nothing happened. No big word explosion or some long posting that was lost. If the truth be known you didn’t give me enough options on what to wear. I had about 5 different outfits or themes as you like to call them and they made me yawn. So, I’m with WordPress. It’s shiny and new and so pretty. I was going to write some flowery letter about how sorry I am and boy didn’t we have a great time and blah blah blah. Well yeah, at first. But then when you started demanding stuff and you were holding things back, it got old.
So when I stumbled onto WordPress and found out that I could import my old blogger blog and not miss a step, it took me a nano second to sign up. so here we are so…..

10 thoughts on “Breaking up isn’t so hard to so.

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