Home makeover update.

Make over, isn’t that an odd word.    That sounds like it’s finished, as in over.  Um, not quite.  The sheetrock is up primed and painted.  The trim is in the que waiting to be painted.  The old carpet is up and gone from the West Wing, the new carpet is measured, but I know it hasn’t been ordered yet.  There’s a holiday to contend with and when it comes to purchase orders, they wait until Tuesday.  The tile has been picked, paid for, and then we got a call saying that the pretty pretty tile we wanted wouldn’t be available until mid October.  Nope, we cancelled that part of the order and went to their competition to find something else that would be here much sooner.  I will post a picture once the batteries are recharged on the camera. 

We’ve come a long way this week,

  • 2 trips to the transfer station, (the dump to some of you out there)
  • 3 maybe 4 trips to either Lowe’s or Home Depot
  • 3 trips to 2 different tile stores
  • 1 breakfast out
  • 1 lunch out
  • 1 dinner out
  • not all dining experiences on the same day
  • 2 tanks of BBQ gas OUT
  • 15-20 ibuprofen throughout the week, per person
  • 1 trip to refill BBQ tanks (hopefully)
  • 2 piles of cat barf, one out, one inside  Damn cats!!!
  • 1 hosing out of garden shoes when cat peed on them when I didn’t provide her with a litter box for the night.  That’ll teach me.
  • 4 movies as a treat after working hard all day
  • 7 out of 9 days so far, of unseasonably cool weather.
  • not enough alcohol in the house to ease the pain of remodeling.
  • 2 days left on vacation
  • 1 million or so more projects to do before we can move back into the west wing.

So there’s our little update…pictures to follow.  And to follow in my own personal tradition of always having a picture, here’s a photo of a dinner we made the other night. 

Fruit and Walnut stuffed Pork Loin.  Thank you Cooking Light magazine.

5 thoughts on “Home makeover update.

  1. Just a few questions.
    1. How far is it to Home Depot/Lowes?
    2.How did you manage to do it in so few trips?
    (it took us 3 trips a day!)
    3.Need any concrete?
    Just picking on ya! Glad to hear you are making progress.
    With our latest purchase, we are officially done. No more spending for us, at least until after we go on vacation. Have to save some for Las Vegas for Rich likes to play just a little poker.
    We had dinner at Gale’s tonight and watched “The Bucket List”. Have to admit I shed a few tears, but then I’m just that way. Rich wasn’t sure about the movie. He didn’t know what to expect. He has this thing about movies that shake, rattle and roll. Along with blood and guts.
    Sounds like you about have the remodel whipped.
    As for the weather, the cool has finally reached Idaho! We are thoroughly enjoying the breeze. (40 mph gusts!) Hope you have a relaxing rest of the holiday.

  2. Cathy, both stores are fairly close, within 15 minutes each way. It was only 3 or 4 trip THIS week. We try to be pretty organized to minimalize the trips.
    Nope, no concrete, but funny enough we have to pour some tomorrow. The base that we took out that had the free standing stove on it, is about 2 inches below the floor we so have to level it out.
    Thanks to Richard I am now a poker player, albiet it, not very good. Glad you get to go to Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Wish we could meet up with you.
    So cold last night I slept in nighty with sleeves, damnit.

  3. Can’t wait to see it all done. You are a brave brave soul. I hate remodels/make overs due to the fact I can’t stand disorder.

    I love the fact you call it the west wing. Makes me envision a huge sprawling mansion. 🙂

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