Floor angst

We’ve been having a few issues with things for our floor, like carpet and tile.  We trot off to the tile store, find tile we like, order it and it won’t be in for a few months.  That’s pretty much not going to work for us.  Trot off to another tile store, find a tile we like order it, get a phone call on Tuesday stating that they can’t register the color that we want, it’s not in their system.  Well, it’s in OUR system, dammit.  Of course by the time we got the message the ordering dude was gone for the day.  Next day Sweet Husband calls again and yakkity yak yak, we’re back on track.  (That’s catchy, should be on a shirt). 

Carpet time!! The tattooed dude shows up in his souped up Camaro, (not that I’m judging, I’m simply painting  a picture) to measure for the carpet.  Once the carpet folks get the final measurements they are to call us so we can give them $$$, then they call to set up a date to install in our now fully empty cavernous echoy rooms.  Unless you count the living room, that’s where everything is deposited from the once full rooms.  I can hardly type there’s so much crap in here. You know how a remodel project is.  We’re doing that room, we might as well do this room and this room and this room.  So two bedrooms, the hallway and the westwing are getting carpet. yike$!  Anyhoo, they don’t call when I’m told they are supposed to call. Therefore while we are out over the weekend, we stop in to see “what’s the haps”.  Did you know that everyone who is doing a home improvement project in the free world was in this particular store at the same time as we were? I may have unwittingly seen some of you there.  Those fellow home improvers brought all of their cars too, and their screaming children and a few dogs and their own individual brand of impatience.  It was freakin insane.    When it was my turn to not be ignored in the carpet department I was told that they were out of the carpet that we selected.  Oh really?  But what came out of my mouth was, “That’s a complete load of crap.”  Out of the corner of my eye I saw Sweet Husband just walk away.  Sometimes, just sometimes, my mouth is faster than my brain and I can’t stop what comes out.  I did apologize to the nice frightened woman who, oddly enough, left me alone to find my own new selection of carpet.  

 A couple of days later, with my new choice in hand, I stopped in to the home improvement store to give them $$$ for the carpet.  They actually have this one in stock and we are being carpeted this very day.  I think I will work off premise today.  It will all be better in the end, if it’s not better, it’s not the end.

This might be close to the color of tile were getting.  Good thing we don’t mind surprises. If I squint and don’t have my glasses on I kind of like it.

3 thoughts on “Floor angst

  1. So glad you aren’t covering up the hardwood flooring with carpet! I would like to tear out every piece of carpet we have and replace it with hardwood flooring for everthing but large tile in the kitchen. I also dream of in home vacuum system, where you open the floor plate near the sink and gently whisk away 9 lbs of cat hair and other detritus. Tile is pretty, I like the iridescent stuff, shiny yeah.

  2. I am so looking forward to seeing your new home in person. But it won’t be until you are ready. When all is said and done, you may need several months to recoup. We are still finding stuff that we forgot we had. All our stuff was stored in the front room too, and the junk room, then we got to rediscover all the neat gadgets we had hidden away for so long. All lot of stuff went to good will and on the yard sale. I figured if I hadn’t missed it for a while, then maybe I didn’t need it after all.
    The vacume idea is really great. We had one installed, but when it came down to it, Rich nixed the idea of the kitchen outlet (or inlet) and then they had trouble getting in the inside walls because they are not as thick as they like them to be. Hope your weekend goes well and the weather is nice to you.

  3. After reading this I never want to remodel ANYTHING. I would be going insane. But you saound all calm and collected. Can’t wait to see the after pics. And I like the blue. Very mediterreanian (that is in no way how you spell that word but I am too lazy to look it up. Sorry. I’m tired)

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