Count Down

In the past when Sweet Husband and I have tackled a project we have some sort of finish line in mind.  If a holiday were looming, we wanted to have everything back to sparkle level, so we would use that as a target for completeing the project.  Last summer when we did the kitchen we had a few things to work around so we had certain parts of the projects to complete for a couple different occasions.  This time, not so much.  We started this bathroom project in late June and we are still working on it.  Keep in mind we both work full time and we do what we can, when we can, but we didn’t have a deadline set. 

 That is we didn’t have a deadline set until I realized that Sweet Husband has a very important Birthday approaching.  My Sweet Husband will be 50 years old in a couple of weeks, so why not have a party and an instant deadline?  Therefore, one week from today we will be having a Hawaiian Luau for Sweet Husband and a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new bathroom.  Come on by for some cake if you’re in the neighborhood, we’ll have come cake and you can pee in our new bathroom.  When’s the last time you were invited to test drive a new WC?   NO POOPING, that’s for homeowners only.    Pardon the pun, but ‘gotta go’  we still have LOTS to do.



4 thoughts on “Count Down

  1. We wish you a happy “opening” and a very happy birthday party too! We will be in Vegas and then the Grand Canyon during the party, but we will be thinking of you on your day. Post lots of pictures so we can see what we missed. Don’t go getting all grey on us now!

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