Aloha birthday boy!


Last year I wanted to have a surprise party for Sweet Husband’s 49th birthday.  But as you can tell if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you didn’t read about that could-have-been epic event.  It was going to be so cool. A bunch of our friends wanted to have a scotch tasting party so I thought that would have been the greatest event around his b-day.  The house would be clean, the food table prepped and the house ready for guests.  What he wouldn’t have known was the the scotch testers were to arrive at 6pm and the rest of the surprise guests at 7pm.  I had it all planned out and it was going to be awesome.  Who has a surprise party for someone when they turn 49? Right, no one, me included.  I couldn’t pull it off, I was phenomenally busy at work and it just didn’t come together.  I was disappointed in myself and knew that I would have to do something when 50 rolled around.

Last night we had a party/luau for Sweet Husband’s 50 year celebration and it was AWESOME.  It was a planned party and he knew about it and he even helped a little bit, but he didn’t know who was coming. I invited people that he hadn’t seen in years and it was great.  We yakked and talked and ate Hawaiian food, listened to Hawaiian music and we all laughed alot.  Things were starting to wind down and someone knocked on the door.  Sweet Daughter and I answered it and in walked this guy and a young girl.  “Hi come on in, Sweet Husband doesn’t know you’re invited.” as our guests walked in.  “Honey, can you come here, there’s someone to see you. ” I called across the room.  He walked over and looked at the guests with a bewildered look on his face, he wasn’t recognizing that he was staring into the face of his childhood friend Dan.  I wished I’d had a camera trained on his face, the moment was precious and spontaneous.  The bewilderment turned to amazement and surprise as he hugged his friend in disbelief.  Dan introduced us to his daughter and the long time comfort of being with a friend after so many years settled in.  Sweet Husband looked at me and asked how I found Dan, my simple reply, ‘the google’.  We were all tired but the conversation continued until we all noticed the time and became aware of the need of sleep. 

I don’t know why we lose contact with friends and those we love, it just happens.  But it’s always nice to reconnect with people from our past.  It was especially entertaining to listen to their stories of younger days.  Their daughters enjoyed them too.  A bit of fatherly advice was imparted as well, do as I say, not as I do.



7 thoughts on “Aloha birthday boy!

  1. Thank you sweetheart for an absolutely fabulous party! It was great to see all those who came and I had a wonderful time. Best party evah!!

  2. You are and incredible wife! It sounds like a really great time and kudos to you tracking down long lost friends. How wonderful for your hubby. He looks so happy in his pictures. I love surprise parties, have thrown many myself but have never been the recipient of one. Maybe some day.

  3. You may have a Sweet Husband but I gotta hand it to you….you ARE the Sweet Wife! Awesome post. Double awesome that he’s wearing a kukui nut and tuberose lei!

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