I understand that some of you were unable to view the Summer Remodel.  How about this link to YouTube, with enhanced captions.  And just in case you can’t view that video, here are some after pictures.

5 thoughts on “RE-do

  1. I have to hand it to you both…that was one heckuva remodeling job. Listening to the swell tunes made it easier to handle but I swear that I could never do something like that!

  2. Did you really put each one of those little tiles all on one at a time? Because that is dedication. I would have stopped half-way through and said, “eh, it looks good enough.” But the end result is fabulous!

  3. Thanks all, it’s been such a work in progress. As for the itty bitty tiles, they come in a sheet 12 inches by 12 inches, so that makes it much easier to tile. If we had to put them up one by one, we would have graduated the color from blue to white, but we didn’t.
    As for the door, there will be one stationary part on the left hand side and a glass door that swings both in and out.

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