The other day I went to the Doctor for my yearly check up and she told me that I needed more Vitamin D.  I asked her what is the most natural and best source of Vitamin D.  She told me sunshine, on the skin.  Then she the  wrote out this prescription for me.  I love my Doctor.


Very well, I accept!

10 thoughts on “Say-ah!

  1. Royce, I’ve been going to this Dr since almost the whole 20 years I’ve lived in Seattle, she’s just neat with her pen.

    Jen, I don’t think the tanning salon would have the same effect.

    Kathy, yeah she’s pretty awesome and I never feel rushed.

    JD, me too, that’s why I have Hawaii photos as my screen saver too.

    Princess, I’ll see if she will write one out for all of my friends.

    Ann, I was wondering about the deductible and if I can airline miles.

  2. have a wonderfullllll week!
    And a poem by Blogger “thalassa”

    Demetrios the Traveller

    speak to me memory the language of seagulls
    behind the hills behind the sweating sight
    beds of sand tatooed by sudden wind
    curved and open crevices particles of the skin of earth
    with snake linear language
    where the path into the cliff blue turns white foaming
    air seeped through the stones ethereal as moans of this dry land
    disconnected lay dormant following the wind of others
    elevated lyrical images
    of islands in high sea half to light half to gray _darkness
    strains of memories

    wave rolling wave to become equal in motion… in distance
    into my mind to capture the essence
    aqua choreography
    the barren chest of isles producing depth not seen
    by my sweeping cantos of self unity
    sounds magical lured by the cardiac tunes
    murmuring the language of skin and love songs

    speak to me
    speak to me memory,
    the language of seagulls

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