Don’t be late



Pond scum.   Usually those two words are used as a derogatory remark.  But throughout today if you are in Seattle you could attend the Algae Summit.  Doesn’t that sound fun?  Maybe they have good treats at break time… 

There are some incredible breakthroughs with Algae these days…I know it’s changed my life.  But seriously folks, isn’t is incredible all the careers that people have.  I once, just ONCE, dated this guy that was a research scientist.  He studied worm poop.  Really!  What good can come of that?  Man I’m falling asleep just thinking about it.

I fell into my career through a series of choices.  I didn’t go to school to learn how to be a deli broker, it just happened.  But alot of people do things on purpose, like study algae to see how it can make our lives better.  For that I give them a hearty “hip hip hooray”.  Ok, call me a nerd, I do find it a teensy bit fascinating.  But I prefer to call it being informed. 

Happy Friday!

3 thoughts on “Don’t be late

  1. High school science project (really, it happened in the 1960’s EHS) go collect algae and make it into a cake. I do not recall actually eating the thing, it was green and very small. I’m thinking cultured algae has a future in the Deli, probably already happened.

  2. worm poop is fascinating stuff. Especially to the 100,000 red wrigglers I have in my compost pile. Plus the fact that using worms instead of landfills is a whole lot better for us humans.


  3. We did this story about how algae farms could produce enough power to power a city! It was an amazing package to watch and I learned so much about algae I never knew. I have a new respect for algae. Now if we could just get that land in New Mexico comissioned to become a huge algae farm we could use it all alternature fuel and power the entire Southwest!

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