Off Season

I’ve been meaning to post this picture for quite a while now….yah, since about March 2008. So sue me, I forgot.  This is Seattle Mariner Ryan Rowland-Smith with Flat Jessi.  You remember Flat Jessi don’t you?  Flat Jessi was a project from a little girl in Ohio.  We showed Jessi the following places, Seattle, Spring Training, Argentina and Uruguay and then we mailed her back home.    Here she is with her favorite Mariner.

Flat Jessi and Ryan

Flat Jessi and Ryan

 While we were in Arizona for Spring Training  earlier this year, we had the opportunity to visit with a few of the pitchers from the Seattle Mariners as well as a couple of the “On Air” personalities.  We were still on a mission with Flat Jessi so we captured a few shots with the talent.  Sad to say I hadn’t really watched any baseball since spring training until last night, when I saw Jamie Moyer pitch a few innings for the Phillies.  Yes on the TV.  Don’t get me wrong I like baseball, I just don’t take the time to watch. I did listen a few times during the season.  So last night was a double bonus TV and baseball. 

I did have lunch the other day at Safeco field.  Ichiro was playing short stop with a bunch of his friends but I failed to get a picture.  The speaker at our lunch was the person in charge of player development (who’s name I can’t recall) and he said that Ryan Rowland-Smith is the best prospect for Mariners pitching next year.  That’s cool!  Go Ryan…

4 thoughts on “Off Season

  1. One word: Yum. I can’t believe the series was suspended last night. I never made it past the 3rd inning, but heard what happened on the morning news. Is this crazy,or what?

    p.s. I never heard of Flat Stanley or Flat Jesse before this year. My sister who has a child had to explain it to me. Where have I been?

    Cute picture! Oh, and YUM again.

  2. Yes I remember Flat Jessi. I was supposed to contact you so that I could get in on her travel itinerary but totally spaced on it.

    And as for the gecko….imagine if it had been one of those humongous island roaches? That would have really merited a Welcome to Hawaii post-title!

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