Haiku anyone?


I ran across a delightful Haiku blog based in Australia, on our friendly interwebs.  This blog is called Hot Cross Haiku.  I love the idea that all across the world people read and participate in Haiku.  Sweet Husband and I were discussing the probability of having this much Haiku exposure in say 1977.  My bets are on, none. 

The following is a  Haiku that someone posted on that blog and our collaborative Haiku response.


Oh America
Your last chance to get it right
Please don’t fuck it up

by Ian Row


Our response

WE will vote again
But in case we lose this one,
Got room for two more?


Try commenting in the form of a Haiku, 5-7-5.  Thanks

7 thoughts on “Haiku anyone?

  1. Toenails are brittle
    but need a little trimsky
    Fist must drink whimskey

    Hic, snip, hic, snip, ouch!
    Where the hell are the bandaids?
    Please peel the thing, ‘kay?

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