It always does.

I have this theory about hair.  At the very least, a theory about my hair.  It will grow back.  I make appointments with the hairdresser for a cut and color and I realize that about three quarters of the way through the cut, my hands are clinched and my whole body is rigid.  I relax my hands, my shoulders, my inner core.  When did all this start happening I ask myself.  About the time that I’ve noticed that she isn’t even close to cutting my hair the way I want.  This is after a very detailed discussion and an accompanaying photo, of me.  With shorter hair. Of me.  The only thing she got right was the fact it was me, and I left with hair.  I have another appointment with her in December.  Maybe. 

I have a hair cut, but I don’t know how I managed to get there.  It’s too bushy on the sides and un managable.  She said I could come back and have a trim, if I felt I needed one.  I do.  And I won’t.   So I live with a crappy haircut.  And all is right with the world.

It’s just hair, eh?

at least I don't have to resort to this....again

last resort?

6 thoughts on “It always does.

  1. If your hair stylist is not giving good cut, dump she! You have way more choices there than here. I have a nice lady who is good enough to keep but no matter how much she whacks off I seem to find myself fingering my hair line and finding single hairs that she missed. I pluck them out or by gyrating in front of the mirror just to get within cutting distance and THEN closing my eyes, I snip the offending bits off. I could get out of it as she doesn’t work on Fridays and I have Fridays off but times are tough and I have to support the service industry as best I can…besides it all grows back, unless I suddenly contract allopecia.

  2. I will make an appt for a hair cut weeks in advance. I will hate my hair the entire time. But? The day of the appt, I love my hair and it looks good. What is up with that?

  3. Get a new hairstylist. NOW! One should never feel like that in that chair. You should have a nice trusting relationship and know that they are going to give you what you want. A good hairstylist should be able to recreate a haristyle from a photo.

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