That went well!

Several years ago I was talking with a friend who grew up in Corpus Christi Texas.  We were laughing and talking when she interjected a remark into the conversation about her being Hispanic and not the run of the mill white girl.  I remember kind of leaning back to look at her and realizing that she didn’t just have an awesome tan as well as a Hispanic sounding last name, she actually was Hispanic and that fact made a difference to some people. It never mattered to me, I knew that I liked being her friend.

Last night while we were watching Barack Obama give an amazingly historic victory speech, Sweet Husband started to saying something then stopped.  He looked at me and said, “I forget that the fact he’s African American is a big deal and a first, I don’t see him as anything but a great man”.  I love that about my husband.

In my short time on this planet, I am aware of the fact that we are a nation of people with names that sound different than ours.  But in my generation we as a country, have turned the corner and are finally able to accept people with different names, colors and origins.  I am thrilled that America get’s a do over and that we have this amazing ability to re-correct, this is huge.  Besides, Barack also looks like my friend Barry.


David Horsey Seattle PI

David Horsey Seattle PI

6 thoughts on “That went well!

  1. I went to read the Idaho Statesman and it seemed a little under enthused with the election results. The article was on the 3rd front page. I am not surprised as this state is run by a bunch of backwoods hillbillys.
    So hooray anyways dammit!

  2. Yeppers, I am happy with the results of the election. Things feel much better already. The economy will be slow for a while, that’s what recessions do. Now, if the Democrats can just keep from shooting themselves in the foot over the next four years, that would be a plus (grin)

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